well it sure is monday!

Goodness. What a weekend! Friday is a blur as usual, ha ha…except for the fact that I ran into that crazy mail girl again and she asked me if the neighbors still had their big huge dog(that I am pretty sure that our rent lady does not know about. Well I was like I think so? She then tells me that the dog busted through the window that is beside the door and came after her! I did manage to call the rent lady and let her know what happened but I doubt that she does anything about it.

Saturday David, His Dad and I went to a new bar over in G town. I mean the bar is not new but it is new to us. They had some pretty good wings…and we played pool. Whee!

Yesterday we pretty much stayed around the house and just chilled.

This weekend marked the 1 year anniversary of my drama that happened! Sometimes it seems like it has been longer and sometimes it feels like it just happened.

David is going to be off starting Friday until July 8th. That is a chunk of time lol. It is all good mostly weekends and 1 paid day. Only 3 vacation Days! We are hoping to seriously make it to my grandmas sometime during that time frame.

I am majorly behind on reviews. I have 2 for here and 2 for grits. actually scratch that. I have 3 for here lol and one on the way. I think one of them is pretty much written, and another one I had wrote got lost some how another…like I turned the computer off and didnt save or something. Meh. I will get them done at some point! No worries! when I get into writing them they will pop up like mad.

well I am out for now. gonna get ready to nap probably.

More later