well…that’s a little unnearving!


Good Grief the internet sure is DEAD lately!!! I know I haven’t really been “into” the net for the last month or so but meh, when I get on there is no interaction going on! I know thursday we had no internet (do not know what the heck is wrong with it…David reset our modem and now it works again..it’s weird how it only seams to go out in storms…)

I found out on Saturday that some people at the other end of my road (I live on the very begining right where the main road is) got shot and killed!  That made me feel totally uneasy around for sure. I mean I always joke and call it my “yee ghetto house on yee ghetto hill” but it is mostly a joke!  Most of the people who live over here have lived here since BEFORE we lived here the first time. Then there are those who have been here about a year…and we have some people that just moved in.. I haven’t really ever felt this place was unsafe..but now i’m beginning to wonder!

Today I didn’t really have any plans..and I really wanted to sleep good last night so I took a benadryl. The funny thing is with Benadryl I sleep a storm, but it really kicks in in the mornings like after david leaves.

I have always slept with my phone on Silent, but until recently I have left it on vibrate as well so I pretty much know if someone calls. I got sick of getting woke up with wrong number calls so I turned that off as well. I fall back to sleep..whatever. I even turned the fan off in case someone came up the walk i’d hear it..because of course now i’m extra paranoid.

I wake up a little after 10. I check my phone and had 3 missed calls from my mom..I call her back and she swears she came by the house and knocked on my door and I wouldn’t answer! She said sam even was in the downstairs window!

The funny thing is I generally can hear people at the door/the mail go in my box even with the fan on. Apparently she LIED or I was totally zonked out! THe weirder thing is Sam was laying in bed with me and usually I know when he gets out of the bed ! and ..if he gets up he generally won’t lay back down. I was like ok seriously mom you know 2 people just got killed up here thursday and you knew I was home..why didn’t you USE YOUR KEY and come in and see what the heck was going on? she’s like OH I FORGOT I HAD A KEY. I was just like seriously you make me wonder sometimes!

She came and got me finally and we went to walmart, walgreens (i got egss and water lol) and to eat at wendys ..and then to food lion where she totally tripped me out and bought me 4 packs of Hamburger meat (1.99 a lb) we got 4packs..she even patted it out in to patties for me/ and divided it up. Then she cut up my enchillada chicken for later this evening.

I have a horrible ingrown toenail. I get them all the time but this one is BAD BAD. she tried to help get it out before we went out this morning and I don’t have nail scissors..just clippers that are crappy that are davids. oh pain didn’t even describe it. When we got back she tried some more .. I couldn’t handle it so she put sauve on it and wrapped it…we are going to let it be for a few days and then try again. It doesn’t help that I freaking ran into the freezer and the close basket of course.

Saturday I decided to dig out my butterfly pedometer and go walking. I lost the freaking thing! I didn’t hear it hit the ground or anything and after 2 seperate trips to look for it and 3 people (david his dad and me looking) I have gave up 🙁 I hate loosing stuff like that!

well i’ve wrote a book. so i’m out.. bye!