well..what to do?

I know most of you remember that davids grandpa gave him his 1970 Ford F-100 Truck, back in may. david decided to trade for that stupid chevy truck, and I was never happy about it, and i said that david would regret it.

well he does. of course he doesnt have the chevy anymore either. but anyways he has been seeing the error of his ways for quite sometime now. and he actually has the chance to buy the truck back.

the problem? well he doesnt have any money, even though he just sold the other ford truck he had last week, because we paid off the computer and most of the best buy card.

so what does he want to do?
borrow the 500 bucks i got from selling my car in feb

I don’t want to be the cause of him not getting that back, but i also think he needs to learn a lesson.

see the guys that he traded this truck to were freakin crooked as hell …they are guys that him and my dad work with. my dad told him to start with it was bad news.

i just found out david traded his truck, all the parts that he had extra and 250 bucks for that POS chevy!
everyone out at their work has talked shit about david, like saying anything he has that they want they can pretty much take from him and stuff like that.

they said the engine was bad, and all kindsa stuff trying to start even more trouble with david and the guy that they work with that sold him the engine and things

anyways its a huge big ass mess.

and i guess i’ll do it even though i dont really want to ughhh