I’m telling you ever since i got flickr pro early this morning i’ve had people adding random old family pics to their faves and commenting ..its rather disturbing i guess. actually one comment pissed me off so bad! it was the picture of my latest cervical cancer letter that i had posted here, part of my 365. well of course anyone who comes to this site/ knows me knows my whole cervical cancer story, and you “get” what i’m saying in my comment on that pic.

someone leaves me a comment about i should have it checked and blah blah blah. i’m like WHOA. excuse me. you dont even know the story on that. dont preach to me about getting it checked. believe me its been checked for TWO FREAKING YEARS! i mean seriously. why would you comment on something like that when you have NO CLUE what the story is??? ARGH

This cold is still kicking my butt. just took some more advil cold n sinus. i might take a shower. i dont know. shadow is laying over here beside me and duke is downstairs with david.

ok so i’m out.more lates.

xoxo ng