when it rains, it pours

today it was a nasty gray day, so other than washing some dishes, doing a load of laundry and going tanning I didn’t do much. i actually read through alot of my old journal entries on myspace. that was about it.

i also want to do one of those ask me questions blogs since i cannot get into formspring. so ask away. if your question isn’t about something negative about jason/david ask away.( i will answer questions about jason and david just dont be pissy about it 🙂
my neck is still killing me.and my sleep has took a turn into non existant not only because of my insomina that always gets worse this time of year, but because of said neck. it literally hurts any way i lay. ugh!! like right now davids asleep, i’ve already gave up and gotten back up!

david (and my dad) company has decided to do some kind of voluntary layoff process thing so that if they do get laid off they won’t have to wait as long as they would have to on the unemployment. its complicated. and annoying and stressful. they aren’t laid off yet, but its not looking good…

if david were to loose his job, you prob wouldn’t see me online very offten because these phones (internet) will be the first thing that goes ciao. hopfully i can get some paid blogging(and maybe maybe try to write some paid articles, even though i have writters block)and along with yardsales we could keep them as long as possible. i would also start with trying to get rid of the satellite before the phone/internet …so we’ll just have to see i suppose.

david has decided to take his last vacation day (their vacation rolls over on their hire date, his is june) so i was like oh ok whatever. then he decides to spend it with his FREAKING BROTHER and go to some race thing so i’m like WTF? why is it ALWAYS about his damn bro. its never about me. he doesnt even have the money to go. his moms paying for it. but oh fucking well who cares about nichole right?

we were wanting to maybe go to va and get away and visit with my family (grandparents) this weekend since my mom and dad aren’t going (that way we could get them to come over and check on sam) but my mom neighborhood is having an spur of the moment yardsale and i’m in NO position to turn down a chance to make any sort of money.

some of my yardsale stuff is still in va, but whatever. i plan to have a yardsale here at my house in april, and maybe one back over at moms in may. and maybe one in va in june. so we’ll see. i’ll prob have a couple more than that who knows.

I need to get my act together tomorrow and get sams room cleaned out looking for stuff, but especially my closet. ever since i moved back a couple weeks ago, it is a wreck. so i got my work cut out for me. i also gotta slam some prices on things…

i did need to go to my moms and go through the things she has brought back from va the last time she was there, but hopefully she can do that herself, because theres no way i’m gonna be able to get down there to do it, and square things away here..

i’m so aggravated at david though. he knows that his brother is an issue between us, but yet he continues to do this shit. ..UGH

todays jasons birthday (28th) hee hee makes me feel young again. hey he’s the one with a 10 year high school reunion this year. not me lol

well i’m out for now. gonna mess around online, might read a book watch tv. go through some stuff who even knows. sleep just isnt gonna be in the cards right now…



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    Awww no I don’t want to see you go from the internet :*( I will be sad! Don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about David losing his job, that’s gonna suck 🙁