where oh where have i gone?

This week has been one of those weeks that I have had so much to do, but little motivation/energy to do it with! I mean it’s online stuff, offline stuff. …just everthing! I have had paid posts, (not complaining!) eden posts for both here and grits-reviews. I also got accepted as a moderator at veracity (click and join! you’ll have fun I promise!)which i was really excited about and i’m trying to do all my moderator duties πŸ™‚

lets see..then i’ve had to listen to my mom ramble like all day long every day about what she is going to do about switching phones (we have been an added line on my uncles account for 2 years. he is filing bankruptcy, so there goes our phones probably tomorrow or sunday..could even be tonight who knows. I wish she’d just make up her mind. I of course have my virgin mobile phone but as far as minutes.. the 25 buck plan I have only has 300..so meh. and thats about all i want to pay

if she does end up getting her own stuff she’ll include me in hers and I won’t have to worry. I just have to wait on her to figure out what she is doing…

We thought at one point that davids dad was gonna come down this weekend but we dodged that bullet thankfully. I didn’t feel like busting my ass to clean the house for someone who never appreciates anything!

As far as around the house well it just seems like there has been an influx of laundry and dishes..and then vacuuming and sweeping and keeping sam’s box cleaned. I mean even as i speak right now I have a load of laundry and a sink full of dishes meh!

I guess with everything that has been going on with me, i’m lucky I haven’t had to look for web hosting on top of it all! Because when you are looking at that you have so many options to choose from and it’s always a good idea to be careful and read lots of reviews of different hosts before you make that final decision. At this point i’d just have to let my site die if i was in that position lol.

I will be trying to get around and comment some of you all today, and perhaps make a more in depth post later. I didnt get to do the video blog the other day thanks to mom rambling on the phone the other day πŸ™ here’s to trying to do it later πŸ™‚


oh and now i have this urge to straighten my hair. oyy! lol i think i need to rest ..:)


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    congrats on becoming a mod! that’s exciting! Is anyone from serenity there? I joined jolt message board recently, but can’t get into it like I was at serenity. I hate cleaning house too. I had to get the dishes done today, and vaccumed the house too. bleh! I hope you can get the phone stuff worked out. It sucks that cell phone plans are so expensive. πŸ™

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    I feel like I have so much to do as well. Going on vacation isn’t good for to do lists LOL

    Good luck with the phones, it can be expensive if you are not on a plan with someone else. James and I pay $150/month for our Verizon phones….but we have insurance and unlimited internet on each so it’s worth it!

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    Ever since worked picked up I haven’t really been able to do much around the house. I’m exhausted all the time and totally need a berak so I kind of understand, lol.

    I think come August I’m going to start making goals. Maybe you should too?

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    Well it sucks that you are loosing your phone. You can get an at&t go phone for like $55 bucks for unlimited talk text and web. I hope everything works out!

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    One thing I cannot stand doing is cleaning my own house. Especially when it’s for company!! You did dodge a bullet on that one.

    I went with godaddy.com. Not happy they don’t have a cpanel but I guess what I get is worth the money. I just fear giving my money to sites I am not familiar with or who are not well known =(