which e-reader should you get?

HI!!! This a 2 part post …like a mini reg. post and then a post about the different e-readers that I tried this weekend w/my opinions/experiences with them …E-readers are seemingly popular this holiday season..so I want to help you with deciding 🙂

Part 1: Regular Mini Blog Post

I am up at 7:30 because for some reason unknown to me …lately when david goes to work I can’t go back to sleep! Me and these freaking sleep issues! I will try to nap sometime later today…I have really got to get some sort of normal sleep soon. The last week I have really not had normal sleep. Black Friday & all that (btw, I swear I haw written a post about black friday that i will post 🙂 )

I have SO much stuff to catch up on online /around the house. I know i’m usually running behind but since david was off for 4 days I haven’t got one freaking thing done since like last wed. And I didn’t do that much then lol.

Mom is going to come over this week and help me christmas decorate this week. I pray for my tree. I don’t think sam is going to care for it. lol.

i’d like to thank everyone for their support on the whole money sittuation, it really means alot to me. Also, thanks to all the people who are giving me things on my wish list 🙂 I am going to add a few more free things that i’d like..:)

I also need to write 2 reviews today. phew. lol

well as far as my reg post i’m going to end it with saying..I ended up getting a Kindle! I got the Wifi /3G edition..it is freaking AWESOME. Free 3G internet(though it be black and white)Also, if you aren’t in a 3G service area it will pick up edge network!..um Yes please! I will write more about it (a non sponsered, personal review) some time another. 🙂

Part 2: Which E-Reader should you get?

I started out wanting an sony e-book reader. Walmart was sold out of the pink ones,plus I didn’t like the non expandable memory thing.

I first tried out a velocity cruz, (199 marked to 179 and was on sale for 159)which was almost like a tablet and I thought would be awesome..um NOT. Unless you have regular wifi acces (which I don’t ) I would not advise you to buy this one at all. You can’t even access your books the first time until it picks up a wifi connection! Even if you download it and transfer it via your sd card..it will not show up until you are on wifi (so I hear. I believe it to be true because I transfered like ..5 books and never got them to work. they showed up fine on the computer..no luck showing up on there.oh btw..their quick start guide sucks, and their site sucks worse. I couldn’t find ANY info that I was looking for.

I exchanged it out for something called the literati.(119. This one boasted 150 free books,etc. It was kind of my fault that I didn’t see on the back of the box Wireless service required. We went over to davids moms to pick his bro (she wasn’t home) and while were there I investigated it. I wasn’t crazy about it because it was LONG and a little akward looking. There were only 25 books actually on the reader,so where the other 125 were I don’t know. So yes, since it was wifi off to best buy I went again…

I didn’t get anything there because I just couldn’t decide …all that were left in stock were kindles and nooks.when I saw that the kindle was 3G and wifi for free I was carrying it around, but then I got conflicting info about books for it. Not the persons fault, she was just misinformed, as apparently alot of people are, (i’ll get there) I was told Amazon books only. NOT TRUE at ALL ..if it is in PDF you can read it.  I went to another best buy later in the evening to get it after reading all about it online and talking to various people online about it.

THEY WERE SOLD OUT. I was so disappointed..I decided I would try a Nook(199). I mean hey why not. If I didn’t like it I could take it back to the other best buy and get the Kindle the next day.

I was INSTANTLY disappointed. I couldn’t get it to connect to the internet at all. (It is also supposed to have the wi-fi/3g thing which I didn’t know before hand)..and I know I was in an area with coverage. It is based on AT&T and I used to have AT&T and I know it works in that area. Anyways, I won’t speak too badly of it, because I think i was just hyped up on the Kindle at that point! I just put it back in the box.

I got the Kindle 3G/WiFi yesterday(199) and I HIGHLY recommend it. The Amazon site has TONS of info on it, and several sites that they suggest that you can go to to get more books. When I was returning the nook I was talking to the returns girl and she was all oh i’d pick nook over kindle because you can only download from amazon! I told her that there were several sites that you can use. She told me I was wrong, and that if I downloaded from these site and something happens to my reader Amazon won’t cover it? um?? confused?? they have suggested sites right on their page! plus as long as it is in the correct format..yeah I don’t know and didn’t bother to correct her. There are MANY options.

Like I say, I will be writing a complete write up for the kindle, but in the mean time if you have any questions about it or any of these readers just let me know! I will try my best to answer for you!