whirlwind day

Phew, Today was a whirlwind lol. I had planned on getting ALL THE THINGS done but I did go back to sleep of course lol. Then…I was talking to my mom and she needed to do something in town so I ended up having her to come get me so she could color my hair! It was WAY past due for a coloring. Now I can straighten it wahoo!! I will have to do it tomorrow though because I have had a little bit of a headache this evening 🙁

I am planning to get my tush in bed early and drink some cider, and then watch some tv and get to sleep a bit early so I can try again tomorrow! HUGE list lol. I actually have lists wrote on my ipad, phone, pieces of paper and my marker board. I think I need to compile lol.

I just wanted to get a quick little post up while I had a few minutes. I can’t believe I actually got up 2 posts, a wordless wed, and now this…I guess I got more done than I thought huh?

Catch ya’ll tomorrow!