Why,Hello there Blogging Mojo I have missed you!

DRlogofor ARHi There Everyone!

Yesterday went really well for me on getting things done- I finally might have found my blogging mojo back! I love when that happens lol 🙂 I am all over the place and it is really fun and a welcome change and I am going to go with it as long as it will last ! I hope it lasts a good while too. I finally got a “yes” on something and that is kind of what brought a change to my little world! I am going to do a whole post about that “something” soon(maybe later this morning)

Right now I have well been awake/up over an hour and my Playon service that I use to stream is NOT WORKING well at all. I kind of wonder if it is not the internet having something to do with it because we were really glitchy there for a few days but everything else is doing o.k so..it just seems like I cannot get anything to play right and at the moment I can’t get anything going… which stinks because I pretty well always have the t.v on! I like background noise ..I could play music but I am not really in a musical mood. Plus, I kinda lured myself out of bed with promises of rewatching ravenswood for the millionth time 🙂 So here is hoping it starts going well soonest!

I am hoping to have a review up here after while. My goal is always to have a review done by 10:30 or so when I get up like this and have one I am working on so we will see how it goes. I did the pics for it already I am just having some sort of issue where they look really bright-as they should- they were took in direct light – well they look great on my ipod but they look really dark on the computer. I did a survey on if the pic was light or dark and I got mixed results lol. it was one of those well that was as clear as muddy water type deals.

I did find some writing prompts/challenges and I think I might write about some of them here /on southern-belle (cause goodness knows it needs some lovin’) Might even do some pre-writes .. *faints* I don’t even know the last time I did something like that lol. I need to send out a few emails too of course..fun times!

well, I am out to see what I can get into- besides some coffee and a snack 🙂 later gators!