Writing from the cozy perch :)

Hey Everyone

I am writing you from my cozy perch- AKA my bed πŸ™‚ I have really got in the habit of getting in the bed around 8 and watching tv, burrowing, reading, playing hayday and whatever else I feel like doing (email,chat, hayday,etc) on the ipad …it has resulted in lots of peaceful deep sleep, and waking up feeling so peaceful and relaxed! Β  Last night when I had the headache/nausea I did a bubble bath and some sleepy tea so that was nice too πŸ™‚

Today turned out to be a pretty good day all around. .I got up early and got my blogging done (even started working on another review! ) got tons of house stuff done and honestly before lunch was even here I was done with everything that needed to be done and was kind at the point where I could do what ever I wanted which is always fun! Thats why I REALLY like the spring πŸ™‚

David came home at lunch to snag one of the free chicken sandwich coupons we had – I seriously snagged 18 of them out of the top of the trashcan at the mailbox last week- I am talking free without purchase chicken sandwiches, tenders and even the biscuits.. so yeah!

I need to find something new to read after I am done with the pretty little liars books.. I have several things on my kindle but I am not really sure what I will get into next. I am pretty much on the last one which is actually one of the specials because I saved it back.

I know church is having one of the heart and soul nights but I am not sure if it is tomorrow night or thursday night- I keep getting conflicting stories.. I think David was wanting to go so I might need to look into that! I wish they would have one at our home location sometime another soon it would be easier. Heart and Soul nights are like special nights through the week where pastor steven actually comes to a campus other than the normal one and has a worship experience/sermon. We went to one back in the fall.

Well.. I just wanted to write a few lines before I get into my game or a book.. catch ya tomorrow.. hopefully bright and early and getting things done πŸ™‚