Yardsale Preperations

Hey Everyone

Well the servers have been wonky since yesterday evening, so I know there has been some down time and I apologize for that! It was a different sort of reset that I didn’t have the info to do, but I do now!

The weekend wasn’t what I really had planned, but everything worked out non the less! I hit the ground flying on Saturday morning when I got up! I spent most of the day dragging out tubs and what not from the floor/ lower shelves of my closet. I ended up cleaning out 2 tubs of stuff (emptied the tubs and then filled them with yardsale goodies) + a huge thirty one bag and a box! I need to finish up in there (Clothes and top shelves). I also would like to hit up the storage unit on the patio.

In my experience of having yardsales generally here where I live clothes don’t sell near as well as “stuff”  actually.. clothes tend not to sale at all. Now If I were to have a yardsale at my grandmas “stuff” does well but clothes also do well. go figure! I would like to take a brief tour through some of my clothes and the kitchen if I end up with time.. then I would like to hit up all the stuff of mine that is left at my moms but we’ll see how it goes.. I will prob go over there Friday and try to work with that.. but I am not sure. I usually over there the day before to price things but I have some price things here So I am not sure if I am going to go or not.

Yesterday I had planned to go to church and then go to my moms for a late lunch/early dinner but… my mom kinda tripped up my plans early on. ..so we ended up just not going or doing anything lol. This weekend at church was mostly for baptisim anyways and I wasn’t really feeling like it was the time for me so.. yeah.

Today I had all the plans in the world to get up and GOING but it was cloudy, I am wore out from sat night (stayed up late, was a bit emotional kind of thing) plus a tad bit of allergies..and the site was down so I was like Meh, I will just read a while then get up.. and I read myself to sleep lol

David came home at lunch, which was nice. I really didn’t get into anything  just had a t.v and book reading and semi playing hay day kind of day 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow I can get up and cracking .. Plan to go get in the bed soon and read and burrow 🙂
More tomorrow my bebe’s 🙂