yes, i have been sick. again~

Friday night I decided to drink a little more than usual which proved not to be a wise decision. actually it might not be how much i drank but what i drank i was drinking vodka and gin and crown. most of that night is a blur, and from the pieces that i remember i am glad that it is a blur.

saturday I just thought i was hungover. then i started hurling up alcohol and then it was just throwing up. see i am trying not to go into details. my parents felt sorry for me while david was gone to take his brother home and came and brought me broth, crackers,juice, ginger ale and ginger,jello,water. and stayed here for 2 hrs.

i stayed sick the rest of the day, sunday, yesterday and i still am queezy today. so must not have been just the drinking.

to address the whole condom thing. well i didnt find it in the actual lent trap. i found it when i took the actual lent trap out,down inside the vent or whatever. like i say it is the same kind that i used when i was having problems because the health dept wanted me to have protected sex to prevent reinfection or whatever. honestly I haven’t ever looked down in the vent, so i dont know, i guess it could have been there quite some time.

i asked him about it, and he says its from back in the day, so i don’t know.

I just got home from school. we didnt have class. again. love when that shit happens.

ok more later. gonna type some hw. go around and comment and such later on. ciao