yes, sometimes I write short posts :)

Hey Everyone!

Well today turned into a do all the things around the house sort of day, and I really haven’t had any time to do anything related to any of my online projects!  I guess after doing 2 reviews in one day yesterday I can take a day off though? My record for reviews was 4 I think and that was a long time back!  I woke up to a sick Marley who threw up in the bed so I had to end up washing sheets, which I planned to do anyways lol. Then she threw up in the floor and I honestly do NOT know how to work the spot bot so I had fun trying to clean that up (for the love of God why do we not have any stain remover in this house?)

I have SERIOUSLY decided my hair is going to have to be cut into layers for the summer. We are not even in the hot time of the year yet and I am already burning up! I have been debating this for a while now and I haven’t straightened my hair in a week to try to give it a little break from the heat of that flat iron, so I am thinking about getting it took care of ASAP- Where my hair is naturally curly it pretty much has to be cut while it is in its natural state because when it is cut while straight and then it is washed it is a MESS.  Trims of the ends are kinda o.k. but the rest not so much! While I am at it I am going to get it lightened too. Hopefully within the next few days

I still haven’t started tanning *sigh* honestly it would have been so much easier when we had the two cars and I had one home in the day. I could take David to work in the mornings and have the car but…meh, that just means I have to go pick him up right in the middle of the busy part of the evening while trying to get dinner situated and taking out marley and finishing up the days activities!  I am going to actually rearrange what day I do my itworks wraps that way I could get to where the only day I would miss tanning is the short day- sunday when they have crummy hours any way. Because I figure I shouldn’t tan while wearing one obviously and then I figure I should wait a day in between going.

I am hoping maybe I can do a little bit of blog work this evening , and work on some of the activities for my influenster box, but we will see how it goes! Right now I am going to cut this post short and grab something for dinner and kick back for a bit 🙂