Yesterday Was My Bday

and thank god noone made to big of a deal of it. i haven’t been big on bdays since i was about 21 …which is the reason i got turned off all together. my 21st bday sucked, and every bday since then has sucked. lol. so while i am happy for happy bday wishes, i just dont really celebrate!

i think that david and i are going to go eat at olive garden. we save it for anniversarys and birthdays…that way it is special.i can’t wait to dive in a big pitcher of sangria….

sam is napping in the afternoon sun. i have given up trying to wear him out all day so he will go to bed at night. its pointless..and at least this way i can semi get things done around the house.

today i have been cleaning a little bit…straightened up the living room & kichen (reorganized our shelves of food too!) even cleaned the stove & counters. washed the dishes. sad thing is our garbage needs taken badly, and david didn’t do it this morning. he’ll have to do it this evening or i’m gonna throw up. i hate not having garbage pickup!

i made the bed too. i never get to our room and clean or organize anything. sams room really didnt need anything done or the bathroom. i know david will be late because he had to take what he got me for my bday back to walmart. it was a necklace and it was… not me at all. i really don’t wear necklaces or jewelry period for that matter. … it was 3 hearts and they were amythst but i really don’t care for my birthstone …. so i was like just take that back.

the only necklace i care to wear is my cross one, but the chain broke …

i know one thing i have go to find a hoodie so when i go out this evening i wont freeze to death.

i have seriously got to find some way to freaking loose my stomach! or when i t becomes summer i wont have anything FOR REAL to wear.

ok out for now



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    happy belated birthday! I dont really like to celebrate my bday anymore either. if i’m not expecting anything, i wont be disappointed