I am in a major tizzy at this moment. nothing will make me want to lay in the bed more than to find out the news I just found out from David.

I texted him earlier to tell him he got some mail from the unemployment people (ie, his check from last week) well come to find out, he not only didn’t get paid for the time he was off because well, he was off, and supposed to get paid from unemployment..well he doesn’t get to keep that money either!

They keep telling him he didn’t get paid the last time he started the unemployment and i’m here to tell you they are full of so much shit I think they should choke. There has never been any point where david didn’t either get paid from his job or unemployment…because let me put it bluntly we wouldn’t have made it through.

Like right now? we have rent, both our insurances and the power bill due. We clearly are in a pickle and I have NO IDEA how we are gonna be able to make it.

Here I was begging for like 5 bucks /whatever for text and banner ads just so we could have a little spending money, and we need MAJOR dough. I feel so freaking STUPID.

well I just had to get this out /// more later


  1. says

    I’m in the same exact situation! I’ve learned many lessons about quitting a job before finding another…

    My fiance and I have our rental payment and our electric bill that is currently due. We’re a month behind and we have no way to pay it! We don’t want to have to live with anyone else… We have no where to turn 🙁

  2. says

    Oh, wow. That totally sucks. Was he working for an employment service? They usually tend to not want to give unemployment benefits – because they claim that they have other jobs available. That’s what happened with my Mom. I hope that you two are able to work everything out.

  3. Nichole says

    He has to take one really short week every year to reset his unemployment in case he were to have to use it(ie, cut hours, job does do a layoff) thank God we will at least have enough for MOST of rent, power and our insurance but it will be VERY tight.

  4. Nichole says

    No, he is working the job he’s had for the last 3-4 years, they just have to take a short houred week every year so in case they get a layoff or really cut hours they can be eligible for the unemployment..ughhhh