yup… I suck at being social lately

I am a slacker 🙁

I have really gotten to where I have slacked off online. It isn’t just  on the site, no I have slacked off on Veracity, Twitter, Grits-Reviews (especially so.. and even more so with my personal adult reviews!)  My Klout score has fell, and my site hits have took a big tumble (thanks to me slacking extra bad with commenting, and unjoining my large triberr tribe..)

Most of this has coincided with david’s hours & job location changing. seems like I can honestly never get my schedule right at all. BLAH!

I am DETERMINED to get going on the right path again though! Watch out internet, i’m TRYING to be back lol.

There really isn’t too much going on in my world to blog about. We had 2 apartments empty over here and I wanted to clean..like I did before. When I called to ask  She said they hired a guy to come clean..which I found odd..and then I have seen her over here piddling for like 3 days..Honestly why lie? just say no. I am so sick of asking to help out over here. and even worse.. i’m about fed up with living here!

Theres never anywhere to park, people have too many random visitors.. trash is EVERYWHERE and they never want to fix anything up anymore. the joys. *sarcasm* I just don’t like the direction things are taking at all. She even acts like she doesn’t want to talk to david at all, which is weird because shes always liked to talk to david..I don’t know if she thinks we will say something about where they kicked out brent and christina or if she thinks we will bitch about anna nicole or what..

Right now it’s about 3:30, and i’m determined to clean up a few things upstairs before I have to go get dav. The rainy weather finally broke, but I decided to make vegie soup for dinner ..so I have to pick a few things up for that as well when I pick him up.

well, thats about all I have to say. How is everyone. Leave me some lovin! 🙂 I will try to return the favor. Which reminds me.. MAJOR LINK CLEANOUT coming SOOOOON!