zonked but powering through!


DRlogofor ARPhew. I AM ZONKED.. I think I am the equivelent of tired that I was after going to carowinds 3 days in a row!  I’m pushing through though- thank you coffee! Honestly my girly time is killing me big time this go around plus I stayed up late several nights on the weekend and yeah.. its catching up!

last night I was ready to go well before David got home at 6- and he sat here for an hour and a half before we ever went to go eat and get a couple things at the store. I was like um.. seriously? because if I hadn’t been ready he would have been more than ready to go lol. That is the way it always goes- he wasn’t even doing anything that was important just playing that stupid war game he plays- which I could write you a whole rant on that but I won’t!

Anyways I had hoped we could even maybe go eat like the pizza buffet or even somewhere over in H-vile because I need to take something back to the store over there that has a hole in it- but by that time there wasn’t really any need to head out very far from home because I know the pizza buffet stops at 8 and most places around here close at 9 so.. we ended up eating at the japanese place which was fine but not really what I wanted I guess.

I need TONS of stuff at walmart but since it was already getting late I just decided to grab stuff for me to have lunch with for a few days (Hi there tv meals) and stuff to make hotdogs with for tonight and some green tea. Other than that I decided to just wait…though I wish I had grabbed razors and kleenex lol oh and some better tp than this crap I have- ugh do not get me started on it but it is absolutely the WORST TP ever!

I came home, chilled watched PLL (which sucked- seriously this whole season has pretty well sucked. there were a few episodes that have been really good but mostly they have been like wake me up if something happens) our internet was being a PAIN so I ended up watching it in slow mo basically but anyways-

somehow another I manged to stay up till after 12 watching tv! I swear I was in bed at like..10 so I don’t even know how I keep doing these things lol. Anyways- needless to say I slept right through David leaving this morning but my 8ish I was semi in and out of sleep and got up at 9 or so. and.. well I wasn’t going to write this part but…

Does anyone remember in July of 2013 when I had my little “breakdown” ? I kind of woke up crying and couldn’t stop and it continued like on and off the entire day, I went on st johns wort for about 10 months and all was good after that for the most part? well.. I know I menitoned monday I kinda had a bah humbug blues thing- anyways I was putting towels in the dryer and here comes water works out of the blue! It wasn’t too bad but it kinda made me a bit worried so.. I just wanted to get out of the house if I could today.

Luckily my mom was going to be out and about and when I mentioned that I had been wanting some clothes that were more summer-ish and what not she mentioned this thrift shop right up from my house that I had never been too. She said maybe we could go tomorrow but some reason she changed her mind and we went today and i got 6 out fits and a pair of shoes for 35 bucks! The shoes are a bit too slick on tile so I need to fix that- I know my moma used to stick those bath  tub grip things on my shoes as a child so I might do it myself lol. I know I don’t want broke ankle #3!

We also went to the library and another thrift shop (didn’t get anything) and then out for lunch so that was nice. I am probably gonna go to her house tomorrow or friday and maybe we can go to goodwill or something.. I think sometimes i just tend to go a bit stir crazy.

Well.. I’m waiting for David .. I know we need to go back to walmart but I am not even bothering getting ready till after he is home ..I think I might drink some coffee in the mean time though.. I usually don’t drink it after 5 but.. it’s either drink it or go crash for the night! I am hoping that I can get up and shave and get some things in the house done early tomorrow!