20/31 Writing Challenge July 2014 -Todays Achievements #besociety #bejulychallenge


If I would have prewritten this one I would have gave you a general “It is sunday, I didn’t do a thing” spill.. but actually.. I did get some things accomplished today … and since I am proud I will make you a little list. One.. .really ? ha ha

1 Went grocery shopping with David and didn’t kill him. Yes.. Major Accomplishment! We were out of everything (well.. not everything but you know.. lol) and I don’t even know the last time WE went to the store lol. I usually go with my mom .. We had to go to walmart and Aldi to get what we needed and there are a couple of simple things I didn’t end up with but We are good to go on food for at least a week or longer (dinners) . I used to have a ban with David going to the grocery store with me because he drove me crazy…He did pretty good this go around

2. Cleaned out the freezers a little bit 🙂

3. went to kohls and got a few things … I didn’t realize that they closed at 9 on a Sunday..I could almost swear they didn’t when I worked there. Anyways I grabbed 3 shirts and 10 undies in a matter of about 20 minutes. I wanted to look at shoes, more shirts more undies and such but not bad for that amount of time lol.  I hope to post pics of at least the haul and the shirts at some point!

4. got a walk in with Marley! It wasn’t the BIGGEST walk ever but I was happy to get it in 🙂 I also ran around in the house a little bit too …wahooo!

Wahoo For getting a few things done when normally I would be vegging out on the couch 🙂