31/31 July Writing Challenge with @theBEsociety- highs and lows #besociety #bejulychallenge


We are at the end of the July Challenge, but you can Visit us over at the BE blog and check out the August Challenge by Clicking the banner above! Honestly I am only writing this one to say that I completed the WHOLE thing lol. July has been a really awesome month and I got approved for lots of awesome Review opps and I accomplished lots of things on my TO DO list!  I can't really think of any "lows" which for me is a really good thing :) I know, I know I am too happy right? I hope it lasts though!  I have felt fairly productive lately and I can hope that will continue as well! I guess to pick something "Low" just for fun would be all the rainy weather lol. Not that I can do anything about that.. I actually every now and then enjoy a rainy day , just not a lot of them in a row! Well. .I'll see you with some more prompts starting tomorrow :) … [Read more...]

30/31 @TheBEsociety blogging Challenge July 2014- Best Book this month- #besociety #bejulychallenge


For More Info on BE Society and Our July Writing Prompts Click here :) I am pre-writing my posts and as of writing this post, I hate to admit but I haven't read anything this month! How Crazy random and sad is that? I am the gal with a million books Regular & E! I am however planning to do the Trial of the Amazon Kindle Library thingy that they just announced, so hopefully I will be able to change my tune when it comes to reading. Actually.. one of the reasons I am pre-writing these posts involves me having more time to read :) I will let you all know how it goes! I know that the Amazon thingy doesn't have a lot of the books I am looking for but hopefully they will expand and in the mean time it looks like there are lots of awesome choices to choose from. I know that I generally read the teen books and just in that category alone it is up in the thousands ..>will be nice to expand my horizons a little bit at the same time and read some new stuff :)  I have the gift or the … [Read more...]

29/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety -Balance #besociety #bejulychallenge


For more info about BE, our Writing Challenge & more click here :) Well to me these things all kind of tie into each other!  One thing that I know that I do that helps is I try to not be blogging after David gets home from work! I might be online on BE facebook group or finishing something up randomly but as far as sitting and writing posts and really concentrating on online stuff... I try to NOT do it unless he is spending time with his brother or playing a game on his gaming system. I try to work out where evenings are for us to watch t.v and relax :) Though...as I say I am never far away from the computer so if I want to be on it is not an issue or anything I just try to be more available to him during those times .. or at least for a few hours after he first gets home or even by going to bed early and just working from the ipad. It not only helps me and him spend time together it helps me calm down and relax and stuff like that. I also tend to not do a lot of these things on … [Read more...]

28/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety – Brighten Someones Day #besociety #bejulychallenge


Stop by BE Society to find out more about us & this writing challenge- &more! Again.. you all know how i don't like sticking to a list! Here is my advice on what to do to help cheer up a friend that might not be having a awesome day! Just simply check in with your friends .. If they are on your mind it could be for a reason! I don't know how many times I have thought about someone i hadn't in a while or even someone i talk to everyday and I say HI and it leads into a full fledged conversation because they needed someone to talk to or listen to them. Now.. Talking to someone and listening are two different things lol. sometimes someone just needs to get something out and responding isn't really necessary ..sometimes someone needs you to give advice and such. I try to be there however they need me. Sometimes I know that when I am down I just want to be left alone mostly lol.. so sometimes the best thing you can do is leave someone alone if they ask you to! I mean.. when … [Read more...]

27/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety -Writing tools #besociety #bejulychallenge


To Find out more about BE Society * July Writing Challenge 2014 Click thru this link :) My Favorite Writing Tools.. Honestly I have to say I still like paper and pencil a WHOLE LOT. Sometimes I just have to see things wrote down and sometimes I have to be able to outline things, cut things out and paste them the way I want them and then go from there. I used to write all of my reviews out by hand and then type them up just like you would a paper for school! (or at least the way that I would do that!).  Recently I did a review that was driving me insane and had a lot of demands. I sometimes have issues with sequencing things/putting them in order if they are not.. even more so if they are on a huge list and not in order. You can laugh at me , it's cool. I told you all I had those little random things that just a few people notice and that is one of them ... It isn't ALL The time and if I am stressed is usually went I get like that.. Wait didn't we do a post on quirks? I could add that … [Read more...]

26/31(or 1/31) @thebesociety Writing Challenge- Super Hero & Powers- *already writen on southern belle* #besociety #bejulychallenge


I know you all are like "Nichole, you are drunk go home and get off the internet until you aren't.. it is day 26 of the Writing Challenge"... and yes it is, but no it isn't lol. I will explain below! Many of you may know I am writing along with the sits girls writing challenge on Southern-Belle this month! A few of the topics from their list made it on to the BE Society challenge list --- mostly here at the end!  I am doing my best to pick the ones I want to write here and the ones I want to write over there! It is kind of complicated and I have it all figured out in my head but don't ask me to explain it.. lol. I am pretty much doing southern-belle as the ones I found to be most interesting and skipping the rest in general. So with the ones that double up I will pick where they fit in the best, since I am writing the ones over there for the most part after the ones on here are all done. I know.. like i said it is complicated lol. Anyways.. in this case todays topic overlapped … [Read more...]