30/31 @TheBEsociety blogging Challenge July 2014- Best Book this month- #besociety #bejulychallenge


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I am pre-writing my posts and as of writing this post, I hate to admit but I haven’t read anything this month! How Crazy random and sad is that? I am the gal with a million books Regular & E! I am however planning to do the Trial of the Amazon Kindle Library thingy that they just announced, so hopefully I will be able to change my tune when it comes to reading. Actually.. one of the reasons I am pre-writing these posts involves me having more time to read 🙂 I will let you all know how it goes!

I know that the Amazon thingy doesn’t have a lot of the books I am looking for but hopefully they will expand and in the mean time it looks like there are lots of awesome choices to choose from. I know that I generally read the teen books and just in that category alone it is up in the thousands ..>will be nice to expand my horizons a little bit at the same time and read some new stuff 🙂  I have the gift or the curse of reading really fast. Sometimes it is awesome because I can read school books the night before we had tests and sometimes it sucks because you spend a pretty penny on a book to have it read the same day!