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Well to me these things all kind of tie into each other!  One thing that I know that I do that helps is I try to not be blogging after David gets home from work! I might be online on BE facebook group or finishing something up randomly but as far as sitting and writing posts and really concentrating on online stuff… I try to NOT do it unless he is spending time with his brother or playing a game on his gaming system. I try to work out where evenings are for us to watch t.v and relax 🙂 Though…as I say I am never far away from the computer so if I want to be on it is not an issue or anything I just try to be more available to him during those times .. or at least for a few hours after he first gets home or even by going to bed early and just working from the ipad. It not only helps me and him spend time together it helps me calm down and relax and stuff like that. I also tend to not do a lot of these things on the weekend unless we don’t have a lot going on.. oh and don’t forget football Sundays.. I get lots done on those 🙂

Blogging is something that to me is my life (ha ha laugh all u want lol) my work at times and my fun! I am still hopeful to get the job here in the office being the social media gal and I figure it will just blend in just like doing it normally so it probably won’t be a big deal!

I do try to plan things out as well and I try to spend time with my family at least one evening or one day on the weekend every week.

It all works out somehow another, and sometimes I adjust it accordingly.. 🙂