26/31(or 1/31) @thebesociety Writing Challenge- Super Hero & Powers- *already writen on southern belle* #besociety #bejulychallenge


I know you all are like “Nichole, you are drunk go home and get off the internet until you aren’t.. it is day 26 of the Writing Challenge”… and yes it is, but no it isn’t lol. I will explain below!

Many of you may know I am writing along with the sits girls writing challenge on Southern-Belle this month! A few of the topics from their list made it on to the BE Society challenge list — mostly here at the end!  I am doing my best to pick the ones I want to write here and the ones I want to write over there! It is kind of complicated and I have it all figured out in my head but don’t ask me to explain it.. lol. I am pretty much doing southern-belle as the ones I found to be most interesting and skipping the rest in general.

So with the ones that double up I will pick where they fit in the best, since I am writing the ones over there for the most part after the ones on here are all done. I know.. like i said it is complicated lol. Anyways.. in this case todays topic overlapped with the first days topic on the SITS girls challenge so.. I def. will not be doing a rewrite lol. You can head over there and check out what I wrote by clicking Southern Belle Sits Day #1-Superhero & powers or clicking the pretty text image above!