25/31 @thebesociety Writing Challenge -Motivation #besociety #bejulychallenge


Find out more about THE BE SOCIETY and Our July Writing Challenge Here! Motivation and Me -- There is a sticky subject!  I Think to me being motivated has a lot to do with my environment, which we have all witnessed since I moved to the new place! I am more active , more in the mood to do thing online and off! I am more inspired and it is great. I know, I know you get sick of me gushing about it lol... but after being so meh for so long.. I just can't help it! I like to feel like a contributing member of the family as well so if it is writing and making money or getting a review or simply being domestic in the house, I have to feel that way and it motivates me as well. If I don't get anything done just for one day I feel like I totally slacked off, even if there wasn't anything that even needed done that particular day! David is always on to me about just take a chill day and don't worry lol. Well, those were the 2 off of the top of my head that motivate me to do things that I … [Read more...]

24/31 @thebesociety writing challenge -Organizations*freebie day here* #besociety #bejulychallenge


Well .. I don't really have a favorite organization :(   So just because of that.. I am going to take today as a freebie day! Don't worry, I am sure I will make it up to you all with something special later on today or with another prompt that I ramble on and on about! I will just take a minute though and say I hope everyone is having a great day/week! Feel free to say Hi, and follow along with Autumn-Rain on all social media as well as checking out BE society and Southern Belle as well. Links can always be found in the side bar. If you want to see what other bloggers playing along with this writing challenge are writing about /more info about BE you can check them out in the linky section in the original post about BE July Writing Challenge :) We would love to have you stop by and visit! Also, I know  my other gals who are writing along with us would enjoy some interaction as well! … [Read more...]

day 23/31 @thebesociety July Writing Challenge – Fashion Accessory #besociety #bejulychallenge


To find out more about BE Society & the July writing challenge click this link to find out more! I will be the first to admit that I am not a very fashion savvy gal! I like simple clothes and I could care less if you like them or if they are in style or whatever. I mean really how the heck can you go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans?  Exactly.. You can't lol. I like to wear things that are different than others.. which is a good thing considering that most of my things come from thrift stores ever since I was a child(or yardsales). I don't like to match people so to speak.. like I like to know that the shirt I have on probably means I won't run into someone else with it on! However, I do sometimes have clothes from the "real" store and I am fine with that too. As far as an accessory though, I guess you probably already know I was going to say HEADBANDS :) I actually need to clean up mine and get my mom to make me some more/ find some more when I am out and about. A lot of my … [Read more...]

day 22/31 @theBEsociety July Writing Challenge -Where I live #besociety #julybechallenge


To find out more about BE society and our Writing Challenge you can find out more by clicking here! Well, what a broad topic in a way! I mean I could tell you about North Carolina/The South, The Area I Live in, My apartment..or all of the above!  I think I will do a combo of all of these because.. well it is me and you know I like to be thorough with these sorts of things! First of all I live in North Carolina and of course that is in the south eastern united states. I consider myself to be a true southern girl of course .. hence that other site I own called Southern-Belle that I am doing my best to build up a following and content on :) I like Dukes Mayonnaise and Sweet Tea. To me if you don't know what Dukes Mayo is you can't consider yourself southern lol.  I have a "cute accent" so I have been told but I don't think so lol. I can't even pick up on it on a video or voice recording lol. I hear people with what i would consider a real southern accent and I am totally jealous … [Read more...]

21/31 @thebesociety july writing challenge-why do you blog? #besociety #bejulychallenge


Find out more about BE Society/ BE Society Writing Challenges by clicking here! I blog because I want to document my life in some way! I used to use journals and paper and whatnot and now my medium has changed.! When I started out with making this blog when it was Digitally Nichole on free wordpress in 2007 I just wanted to write and share whatever and I didn't care too awful much about if I had hits or comments or anything like that. This was pretty much before twitter was a big thing and folks didn't have pages on facebook and all that good thing. There wasn't even google plus or pinterest either! My main goal of having a place to just write my day to day life and share pictures has remained the same. I have to say I do care about people stopping by and interacting with me here and on social media though!  I mean I am not obsessed but I do hope that people stop by and leave love on a few things every now and again!  I also like to be able to interact on social media and … [Read more...]

20/31 Writing Challenge July 2014 -Todays Achievements #besociety #bejulychallenge


If I would have prewritten this one I would have gave you a general "It is sunday, I didn't do a thing" spill.. but actually.. I did get some things accomplished today ... and since I am proud I will make you a little list. One.. .really ? ha ha 1 Went grocery shopping with David and didn't kill him. Yes.. Major Accomplishment! We were out of everything (well.. not everything but you know.. lol) and I don't even know the last time WE went to the store lol. I usually go with my mom .. We had to go to walmart and Aldi to get what we needed and there are a couple of simple things I didn't end up with but We are good to go on food for at least a week or longer (dinners) . I used to have a ban with David going to the grocery store with me because he drove me crazy...He did pretty good this go around 2. Cleaned out the freezers a little bit :) 3. went to kohls and got a few things ... I didn't realize that they closed at 9 on a Sunday..I could almost swear they didn't when I worked … [Read more...]