day 22/31 @theBEsociety July Writing Challenge -Where I live #besociety #julybechallenge


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Well, what a broad topic in a way! I mean I could tell you about North Carolina/The South, The Area I Live in, My apartment..or all of the above!  I think I will do a combo of all of these because.. well it is me and you know I like to be thorough with these sorts of things!

First of all I live in North Carolina and of course that is in the south eastern united states. I consider myself to be a true southern girl of course .. hence that other site I own called Southern-Belle that I am doing my best to build up a following and content on 🙂 I like Dukes Mayonnaise and Sweet Tea. To me if you don’t know what Dukes Mayo is you can’t consider yourself southern lol.  I have a “cute accent” so I have been told but I don’t think so lol. I can’t even pick up on it on a video or voice recording lol. I hear people with what i would consider a real southern accent and I am totally jealous lol.

The area of North Carolina where I live is North of Charlotte and I won’t really tell you exactly where of course lol. I am about 1 1/2 hours from the mountains which makes it perfect for a day trip! I actually don’t like Charlotte that much and try to never go there lol

As far as my apartment goes.. you all really don’t want me to ramble on about how awesome this place is again do you? just for the sake of writing something about it..let’s just say I live in a bright sunshiny cheery place with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths a nice balcony , a dishwasher, 2 linen closets and even a pantry. I am EVENTUALLY going to do a video tour post about this place.. I have one made but i think I want to try again!  🙂 See.. I haven’t forgot.. just need to decide if i want to make a new one or whatnot 🙂