21/31 @thebesociety july writing challenge-why do you blog? #besociety #bejulychallenge


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I blog because I want to document my life in some way! I used to use journals and paper and whatnot and now my medium has changed.! When I started out with making this blog when it was Digitally Nichole on free wordpress in 2007 I just wanted to write and share whatever and I didn’t care too awful much about if I had hits or comments or anything like that. This was pretty much before twitter was a big thing and folks didn’t have pages on facebook and all that good thing. There wasn’t even google plus or pinterest either!

My main goal of having a place to just write my day to day life and share pictures has remained the same. I have to say I do care about people stopping by and interacting with me here and on social media though!  I mean I am not obsessed but I do hope that people stop by and leave love on a few things every now and again!  I also like to be able to interact on social media and especially get to know fellow bloggers.. that is why there is BE Society.

I like the perks that blogging has brought to me too… Reviews and Paid posts really help out!  I also like that my blog is not in a niche so pretty much anything goes ..if you can manage to find a brand that understands that concept (which I do pretty good with) Most of the time i get lots of compliments on my writing style and quality of what I write from the folks I work for. I think it is because I make my stuff so personal and like I am telling you a story with real examples instead of spurting random facts that could be easily found.

If I didn’t blog I really don’t know what I would be doing with my time either! I am sure I would be doing something, no doubt but what I am not sure. Probably reading a ton more ha ha but I can mix the two 🙂 I always have liked having websites on some level even when I had to take mine down thanks to the ex boyfriend! I go back as far as having soap opera fan sites (another world sunset beach passions and as the world turns) Sweet Valley Fan Pages.. etc. I have always found them fun and relaxing… and i never thought I would be able to open up so many doors just doing something I really love 🙂

well I could probably write you a total book about why i blog and all of the stuff that goes with it. I ramble about this stuff so much on BE facebook group lol… so I think  I will just leave it at this 🙂