19/31 @thebesociety Writing Challenge -Place to Visit #besociety #bejulychallenge


Well.. This is a good question! I can't really think of anywhere that I haven't been that I want to go.. I like to stick to what I know lol.  I will make you a small list of places that I wouldn't mind visiting again! You will def. notice a mountain theme I am sure for the most part! "Mountains" In case you don't lol. You know I always have to make the prompts different :) 1. Tennessee - This will be a reality soonest 2. Boone/Blueridge Parkway- this is like an hour and a half away and I hope we can sneak away for a day visit sometime soon! I need a trip to the Appalachian Section in the boone walmart :) 3. The Beach- Maybe , I haven't been since I was in like 9th grade! I wouldn't mind a quick trip back someday 4. The Monongahela National forest( I think that is what is called. I haven't been since i was a little girl) in virginia. I have this strange urge to go camping and I have for a few years. we had been making plans to go when My great grandma died Well.. That is … [Read more...]

18/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety- Selfie (Free Day Here) #besociety #bejulychallenge


Click here to find out more information about The BE Society and Our Writing Challenge! Well.. this just isn't the thing for me to do today, so I must skip out! I started my female time and feel like death on a cracker , my hair is wahoo in a mood because of the weather..I have inches of gray roots and black roots.. I am in one of Davids work shirts and I didn't get to sleep after he went to work because of the evil female time! Maybe I can get one in a few days when I have color and life to my body going on :)  I Will make it up later with something another that is pictures of me related that I have in mind already :) … [Read more...]

17/31- Writing Challenge with @thebesociety -Currently Reading #besociety #bejulychallenge


To find more information out about BE Society and Our Writing Challenges please click the banner above! :) I hate to admit this, but I am actually *not* currently reading anything :( ! I have been dabbling in the book called Iblog but other than that NOTHING! Reading is one of those activities I am TRYING my hardest to get back into though! I recently finished ALL of the pretty little liars books (except the most recent). I also generally read the Last Vampire series this time of year (.. and I don't care the ones that are not part of the original 6 SUCK...they threw them all together and call them THE THIRST now.. ugh!).  I have a vast collection of books from childrens books to young adult (mostly what I read..I just am not big on trash romance and what not.. you have to think I am nichole, I am precious and child like lol). I also have lots of random reference books and other sorts of books as well. I love reading and ever since I got into blogging and the internet I have … [Read more...]

16/31- Writing Challenge with @thebesociety – Views on Religion #besociety #bejulychallenge


  To find out more about be society & our writing challenges and more click the button above :) I will admit I almost skipped this prompt lol. When it comes to religion I am probably one of the oddest people you will meet.. Then again I already am that right? ha ha. Anyways from the time I was 2- until I was in 10th grade I was drug to church EVERY Week. Our church met on Satrudays not Sundays and we did a lot of the things from the old testament including your fest of tabernacles, etc all the old type of festivals and celebrations ..I can't even name all of them.  Our church split off in several splinters and things just went nuts after that. I do also follow a lot of the food laws like not eating pork and shellfish and all of that kind of thing too. One thing that might set me apart the most from others is I also do not believe that when you die you go to heaven or hell. I believe you just die.. I know that is a really crummy thing to a lot of people but it is … [Read more...]

15/31 Writing Challenge with @TheBESociety – What you Wore – #besociety #bejulychallnege


To find out more about BE Society / Our Writing Challenges Please click the button Above!   Today I went with my mom to Kohls, so I actually had to put on my "Real" clothes and not just my hanging around the house clothes :) I wore a pink colored holister shirt and a pair of jeans with a pair of flip flops. My mom got the shirt for me right before I moved, and I had forgot about it until a couple weeks ago when I was cleaning out clothes! I really like it because it is mostly a coral shade of pink and it is really light feeling and it doesn't make me look like a fat butt!  The jeans I had on are a pair I got for my birthday a few years back and I have almost wore them out because they were for a while the only pair of pants I had that fit me right (and still kinda are!) The flip flops are ones I got a few years ago when I went to the store with my grandma when David and I went and visited one time :) If I have a chance I will insert a picture in here of the outfit after while … [Read more...]

Day 14/31 writing challenge with @thebesociety: zodicac sign & personality #besociety #bejulychallenge


If you want more information about BE Society & this writing challenge you can click the above button :)   I am pisces and I do NOT think it fits my personality AT ALL.  I at one time though read something about your zodiac can also depend on the date you were originally due, and if you fall towards the beginning or the end of the dates that are for a sign! Sometimes the way things are you can wind up even identifying more with the one prior to when you were born  I was originally supposed to be due on March 17th but I was born Early on Feb 25th.  and sometimes even the one previous.. My birthdate and due date come into play  right after aries and right before aquarius and I have found I can identify with more traits from each of those! When i t comes to Pisces the biggest thing with it is being creative and artistic.. If you don't know by now I am neither one of those! I can only make a mess ha ha. I will sometime in the future try to go back and find the traits for … [Read more...]