day 23/31 @thebesociety July Writing Challenge – Fashion Accessory #besociety #bejulychallenge


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I will be the first to admit that I am not a very fashion savvy gal! I like simple clothes and I could care less if you like them or if they are in style or whatever. I mean really how the heck can you go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans?  Exactly.. You can’t lol. I like to wear things that are different than others.. which is a good thing considering that most of my things come from thrift stores ever since I was a child(or yardsales). I don’t like to match people so to speak.. like I like to know that the shirt I have on probably means I won’t run into someone else with it on! However, I do sometimes have clothes from the “real” store and I am fine with that too.

As far as an accessory though, I guess you probably already know I was going to say HEADBANDS 🙂 I actually need to clean up mine and get my mom to make me some more/ find some more when I am out and about. A lot of my favorite ones have broken (the plastic ones).  I have a one that I REALLY ADORE right now and if something were to happen I would be crushed lol. It is a peach striped one that my mom made for me, because my grandma had got me this peach striped shirt and a pair of peach pants at a yardsale. I just happened to be at her house and she was showing me her new stuff to make wreaths with and I was like OMG OMG that would match my peach outfit! 🙂  I would take a pic and show you, but lets face it I am lazy and I never have a lot of look trying to take pics of headbands. Just take my word for it, and the next time we have a family event I plan to wear the outfit so you’ll see it at some point if you follow along I promise.

The funny thing is when I was little I wouldn’t wear headbands because I said they hurt my ears … this has been a more recent thing for me …I always say because I am so like Blair on gossip girl (seriously there is a post in itsself 🙂 ) and she always wears headbands and somewhere from there I evolved and started wearing them too!

well this is probably the longest post anyone ever wrote about headbands so I am out now lol