31/31 July Writing Challenge with @theBEsociety- highs and lows #besociety #bejulychallenge


We are at the end of the July Challenge, but you can Visit us over at the BE blog and check out the August Challenge by Clicking the banner above!

Honestly I am only writing this one to say that I completed the WHOLE thing lol. July has been a really awesome month and I got approved for lots of awesome Review opps and I accomplished lots of things on my TO DO list!  I can’t really think of any “lows” which for me is a really good thing 🙂 I know, I know I am too happy right? I hope it lasts though!  I have felt fairly productive lately and I can hope that will continue as well!

I guess to pick something “Low” just for fun would be all the rainy weather lol. Not that I can do anything about that.. I actually every now and then enjoy a rainy day , just not a lot of them in a row!

Well. .I’ll see you with some more prompts starting tomorrow 🙂