28/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety – Brighten Someones Day #besociety #bejulychallenge


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Again.. you all know how i don’t like sticking to a list! Here is my advice on what to do to help cheer up a friend that might not be having a awesome day!

Just simply check in with your friends .. If they are on your mind it could be for a reason! I don’t know how many times I have thought about someone i hadn’t in a while or even someone i talk to everyday and I say HI and it leads into a full fledged conversation because they needed someone to talk to or listen to them. Now.. Talking to someone and listening are two different things lol. sometimes someone just needs to get something out and responding isn’t really necessary ..sometimes someone needs you to give advice and such. I try to be there however they need me.

Sometimes I know that when I am down I just want to be left alone mostly lol.. so sometimes the best thing you can do is leave someone alone if they ask you to! I mean.. when you are talking to them say hey if you need to just be left alone that is fine and I am here for you is great too.

If you live closet to someone you can visit them and maybe go out somewhere with them. If they are one of your online friends maybe if you are lucky enough you can send them a card or a small present .. I have done these things before myself.

Every person is different of course. Sometimes it is best to brighten someones day just randomly and not because they are in a bad spot. I try to do this a lot on FB by commenting and interacting with everyone and if I see something that reminds me of someone I will put it on their wall. I also randomly tag folks in my blog enteries if something I am writing goes along with them 🙂 I Know those kind of things cheer me up when I see them 🙂