27/31 Writing Challenge with @thebesociety -Writing tools #besociety #bejulychallenge


To Find out more about BE Society * July Writing Challenge 2014 Click thru this link 🙂

My Favorite Writing Tools.. Honestly I have to say I still like paper and pencil a WHOLE LOT. Sometimes I just have to see things wrote down and sometimes I have to be able to outline things, cut things out and paste them the way I want them and then go from there. I used to write all of my reviews out by hand and then type them up just like you would a paper for school! (or at least the way that I would do that!).  Recently I did a review that was driving me insane and had a lot of demands. I sometimes have issues with sequencing things/putting them in order if they are not.. even more so if they are on a huge list and not in order. You can laugh at me , it’s cool. I told you all I had those little random things that just a few people notice and that is one of them … It isn’t ALL The time and if I am stressed is usually went I get like that.. Wait didn’t we do a post on quirks? I could add that in lol. Anyways I am a very visual person and I like to make lists.. even if they repeat so I know that I know what needs to be done for a particular day

It isn’t uncommon for me to have lists on one of the 3 marker boards I have in the house (I am thinking about putting up my chalkboard somewhere even though I originally hadn’t planned on it). Then writing it on paper in categories and even to have it in my planner! I like to scratch things out and be able to take notes ALL THE TIME> I cannot  sit down and not have paper and pen/markers ! I have colors and everything!  I am thinking about also hanging up a wall calendar cling marker board that I got that I haven’t used yet. I had a hello Kitty one at the old house but I never remembered to get a thing of wax paper so I could bring it with me!

I tend to be more productive if i have lists and things in my planner than without it as well 🙂

My lists and such are probably confusing to others but that is o.k… they work for me and I try to break things down into things that need done NOW.. Really Soon.. and way in the future on a rainy day 🙂

Not to say I don’t love the computer obviously.. I type REALLY fast and if I really need to get something going that is the way I like to go. but.. for the most part when it comes to organizing and planning and what not it is me and my paper and markers 🙂