Holiday Gift Guide Review: GeminiRed Creations Headbands & Cabochon Flower hair clips



A few months back I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Bloggy Bootcamp when it came to Charlotte. I met several awesome people that I still talk to quite frequently. One of these gals was Heather, who owns Gemini Red Creations. Not that long ago I realized she MAKES HEADBANDS and I was happy to have her offer me a couple in exchange for a review, of course I said yes!

Because she LOVES me, she sent me two headbands and two clips. It was so cute the way she packaged them together in a cute little bag, and included her business card. I am a sucker for cute packaging and business/blogger cards! She is also in my area quite often and I hope we can meet up in person again so I can properly thank her for being so awesome to me!

I have always loved purses, most of you all know that, but my love for headbands is pretty new found. I know that as a child I didn’t really like them at all, go figure! I used to say they hurt my ears lol. I don’t know but for some reason since they became popular, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I think more so because of Blair on Gossip Girl, You all know how obsessed I am with that show!Gemini red screenshot

Anyways, Heather makes a ton of different crafty goodies and sales them! Her sites tagline is ” Turning Pinterest Boards into Reality” which I think is really awesome! Heather really reminds me of my mom because people ask her “Hey can you make this”? and then she tries it, which is exactly like my mom! Most of the time My mom doesn’t work with a pattern or anything, she just sees it and goes from there. I really envy crafty people. I am famous for saying that the only thing that I can make is a mess!

Some of the things other than headbands that she makes are aprons,car caddy’s, assorted jewelry and even make your own custom Christmas stocking, just to name a few things! I love that her site is so organized and easy to browse, and oh yes, it is also VERY pretty! She also donates part of the money that she makes to Crohns and Colitis Foundation – Georgia Chapter and also to melanoma   research both in honor of her mother.headband1

So what do I think of the headbands? I love them! I didn’t request anything specific of her when she asked me what I would like. I said anything I love pink and anything girly, so pretty much anything goes!

What was different about Heather’s headbands in my opinion is well of course you had the option from her many fabrics to customize them yourself, they are totally handmade and…I have never had any “soft” headbands before. All of mine except for these are hard shell! I always thought that the soft ones were really bad to roll so to speak in my experience.

However, Heather made these with a velveteen ribbon under neath to help prevent that from happening. These are like my casual around the house + out and about choice! I really like the versatility of them from just wearing them when you might be doing housework or wearing them out to eat /to the store. For some reason a good headband just perks up my mood!


As I mentioned before Heather also included some Cabochon Flower hair clips as well. I love them because there are two ways I basically wear my hair when it is straightened (which is most of the time) and that is to put it up in a clip or just wear it down (with a headband mostly, but sometimes not) These are PERFECT to perk that look up a little bit…actually they perk it up quite nicely. Adds that little fancy touch and little bit of color.

I am totally looking forward to wearing my headbands and clips in the future, especially this holiday season and for a while to come. I think that you could find something for anyone on GeminiRed Creations because of the wide range of items and the fact that Heather has so many ways to customize them!