Lolly Review

lollyI know that I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. With a lot of women their “fetish/obsession” is with shoes. Mine has always been  a tie between panties & purses. I haven’t ever really cared for shoes that much.

Anyways, Recently I got the chance to review some panties from a company called Lolly,and of course I was quiet excited about it. Lolly is a great little site that has sexy, cute boyshort panties.They comein a variety of sizes and that come with a variety of messages.

One thing that I have always liked about panties, especially panties with messages on them, is you can wear something naughty like “spank me” and only YOU know that you are wearing it…until you are ready (or not) to share it with someone else. It can perk up your whole attitude about your day just to simply pick a pair of undies that have a special message on them! I can honestly say that sometimes for me it is all about the underwear I have on that defines my attitude. I know i’m probably odd, but seriously I have always found it to be helpful to me 🙂

The pair of panties I received for review were red ones that simply said LMAO on them… Not really something that I would have picked for myself, but none the less, they were very comfy, and I did enjoy wearing them. Honestly if i were to pick a few pairs for myself from the site I would have picked “Spank Me” or “Tie Me Up” I would have probably had more fun with these back in those dating the old boyfriends days though ha ha.

Lolly has a variety of sizes, so you don’t have to worry about being a skinny twig to be able to share in on wearing nice comfortable flirty panties

If you are looking for something to wear under your clothes that can keep your mood up, highly suggest that you check out the cute designs from lolly, as you will not be disappointed.

I recieved this product in exchange for a honest review. thanks to lolly for this opp!