L’oreal Paris BB Cream Review

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A few weeks back, as part of SheSpeaks, I got the opportunity to get some  L’Oreal Paris BB Cream for review. I had heard of BB cream but I wasn’t really sure of a lot of details about it. I was like “is that the kind that magically blends with your skin?”

Turns out it is!! 🙂 I wasn’t sure what color to get to try, and I ended up getting the light shade, I knew I wasn’t totally on the lightest end of the spectrum and I am def. not on the dark either so that left the 2 in the middle light and medium to choose from. I was also considering that I will begin tanning soon and  that was a bit of a concern for me to. However..I ended up with light, and it’s just the tiniest bit too dark for me so by the time I start tanning I think it will be absolutely fine!

So, I’m not really a makeup person, I will tell you that straight up. The only thing I really wear is a concealer like this if I need it and that is pretty much it. Does nailpolish count? Even if it does.. I rarely even wear it!

I always have some sort of scratch or something i’m trying to hide it seems but I will admit I’m not so good at blending …The neat thing about this BB cream is honestly it is like  Magic like it says on the bottle!

When you squeeze it out it looks like a speckled egg to me.. white with little teeny tiny dots!  when you rub it in.. it like BAM conforms to a color that is just right for your skin. Like I say mine was a little dark but the more you rub .. the more it will blend.

I think it is nice that this is a 4 in one product to, that will primes , perfects to hide flaws, hydrates all-day, and corrects skin.

You can find it it at mass retailers and the price is about 10.95 for a 1.o FL oz bottle

I was provided with this product by shespeaks in exchange for my honest opinions, thoughts and ideas. All thoughts opinions ideas and experiences are honest and my own. Your results may vary!