Purex Insiders Review: Purex With Zout

img via purexinsiders.com

img via purexinsiders.com

I am the Stain Queen when it comes to laundry..as in I either have Blood Or Red Wine on everything! Of course, those are two of the most stubborn stains that you can come into contact with.

Usually when I encounter these stains, I get them in the wash a.s.a.p and I even wash them more than once..and when all else fails I take them to my mom and make her work her magic on them!

When I got the chance to review purex with zout I was pretty excited!  I got the Fresh Waters scent, but it is also available in an hypoallergenic free and clear option as well.

So what makes this purex so much more special than say regular purex or even any other fabric detergent?

It has zout in it. What is zout you ask? Zout is a stain fighter that fights stains with three different enzymes: Protease which helps with your grass and blood stains, amylase which works with your startchy  stains like tomato and chocolate and finally Mannanase which works on stains that happen with things that contain a thickener called guar. Guar is found in many things like Bbq sauce, ice cream and salad dressings. Guar is a really sticky little devil, and it makes it stick that much more to clothes!

You can use purex with zout as you would normally use any detergent  or you can pour it directly on the fabric, rub it in and let it sit for about 5 min before you wash it.

It works in all washers as well.

My take? I used it a few times on some of my red wine stains (different loads and such) and I was *shocked* that it took them out! I have tried to wait till I have something with blood on it to write this review, but  I haven’t had any cuts or female problems since I received this product!  I am fully anticipating a great reaction for when I do use it on something with blood in it though.

I also had luck getting some of the grease and grime off of David’s work clothes when using it, and I didn’t have to put in any other stain fighter or color bleach. It really is nice to have everything all in one foul swoop so to speak!

If you’re  looking for an all in one stain fighting laundry detergent I highly recommend you check out purex with zout!

I received this product from purexinsiders in exchange for my honest opinion.