Review: Corkcicle (Neat way to get your wine cool!)

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If you have been reading my site for any length of time, you know that wine and alcohol are two of my favorite indulgences! (Even though, I have gave up on the amount that I do drink, for the most part lately!) I still really enjoy them, I just moderate how much that I drink!

Recently I got the chance to try out a nifty little wine accessory gadget called the Corkcicle! I was pretty excited when I got the chance, because of my a fore mentioned love of wine and everything associated (glasses and gadgets included). The corkcicle is a nifty little gadget that you can freeze and put down into your wine bottle to help it stay cold while you are drinking your wine!

I am not the type of person to keep wine on hand …I am a run out to the store buy a bottle bring it home and drink. The only time I ever have wine on hand is if I buy the big bottle of red like if I have a kidney infection or something like that, and i’m bad to just sit it in the pantry instead of trying to wedge it into the fridge!

So, in short I am guilty of using ICE in my wine to keep it cool which totally ruins the taste of the wine of course ..watery wine.. that’s what I usually have! Enter my new little friend the corkcicle!

The corkcicle comes in a regular run of the mail box, and it has a little bit of information about the product on the packaging. There is also a little booklet inside with it.

Here is my most helpful advice that I can give you in regards to the corkcicle: READ THE LITTLE BOOK or at least have the sense to pour yourself the first glass before you insert it into a bottle of wine. Some people I know (Ahum) didn’t do this and made a mess all over their counter which in turn made their hubs a little bit miffed.

The corkcicle won’t make your wine totally ice cold, but it does help keep it at a palatable temperature, which is really all you need anyways!It is more of a way to keep it at a cool constant temperature. You can use it in any type of wine , white, red, etc.

I am really enjoying being able to drink my wine without it being watery! I think this one is a must have for anyone with a love of wine like myself!

I was provided with a corkcicle in exchange for my honest thoughts opinions and ideas. Your experiences may vary.