Review: Erin Condren Lifestyle Planner & Other Assorted Goodies!

disclaimerrevieweit All Images except the top image are courtesy of Erin Condren, thanks to a camera mishap!

Ever since I was a young child I have liked anything that had to do with stationary items! I loved notebooks, pens, markers,folders and all of that sort of thing.  Since I always wanted to be a teacher I even had all the teacher-ish kind of things like a lesson planner to play with and I even had a teacher who used to give me all the extra copies of her worksheets /ones that she didn’t use! Playing school with my friends was a favorite, and I even had a file cabinet that I got for my birthday one year to help me organize all of these things! Oh, and just for a random note I did have the ENTIRE gelly roll ink pen collection at one point until we had a bomb threat at school and they got stolen when I had to leave my book bag 🙁

Ever since I was in 4th or 5th grade I have had a planner to help me keep up with birthdays, homework and whatever other things I wanted to keep up with. I can remember at 2 different times having to have a planner for a school project and I was like WHY? I already use one and mine is better than this one anyways! I guess you can pretty well call me a planner snob!  I don’t like just ANY planner you can run out and grab at the store. I don’t like pocket size ones, and I don’t like ones that don’t have a full on day and month view! For me it needs to be at least the size of a notebook to even be close to being right for me.

So… Enter in my friends at Erin Condren who offered me a Gift card towards getting my own of their Erin Condren Lifestyle Planners(and a few other goodies too) in exchange for a review! Let me tell you I was PRETTY Excited and there wasn’t anyway that I was going to turn this opportunity down!   In case you have been living under a rock , Erin Condren has AWESOME amazing planners as well as all kinds of other things such as calenders, accessories for your planner(stickers and whatnot), desk pads, and more. It is honestly a person like myself favorite place to go to window shop!

When I went to spend my gift card, I managed to hit them at a time where not only did I get my lifestyle planner and an set of ipad stickers but because of the various promotions that they had going on at the time I got a free extra cover for my planner so that I can mix it up if I want to, and a free t-shirt as well!ec

Take a second to note that when the box came in general I was squeeing all over the place like it was Christmas! It came in this cute box and was all wrapped up on the inside in purple tissue paper. Who doesn’t love a pretty package full of awesome goodies? Just check out the big picture shot of my goodies:
peonyecFirst up is my AMAZING AWESOMESAUCE can’t say enough good things about it Erin Condren Lifestyle Planner.  You get to customize the cover of your planner in various ways depending on which one you pick. You can even pick a custom color in the style of cover that you pick, which is what I did. Mine is a Gingham cover that I did a custom color of peony for. I opted to put my entire name on there as well. I really had this planner picked from the get go, but there were so many awesome covers to choose from(which is why I am glad that I got to pick an extra one, which I will talk about in a bit). I love the feel of the cover (VERY sturdy), The size of it, the thickness, the tabs for the months!

The layout inside is AMAZING too!  You have your month view and your day view -broken into Morning, Day, Night with plenty of space to write some goals and notes and what not both on the sides and the bottom. Each month has a particular color scheme as well as an inspirational sort of message at the top of the monthly view. I love how everything is so colorful and inviting!
In the back of your planner you will find sheets of lined note paper and a few sheets of blank paper for you to use as well as my personal favorite STICKERS. There are oodles of stickers 2 sheets that are pre-printed with various things like birthdays and 2 sheets of various colors of blank labels so you can further customize them.

I ended up with a few extra perks with my planner like a perpetual calendar, extra stickers that matched the planner that have my name on them, a clear pouch which all fit right in the planner. There is a little pocket in the back as well to tuck these sorts of things and other papers and such you might want to keep up with!


 To spend the rest of my gift card I had just enough left to get some personalized ipad stickers for my ipad mini, since it is so plainand silver on the back!I picked the Taffy Stripes in a pink, green sort of color scheme and again did my whole name. It took me a while to decide on exactly what I wanted to do with the whole design and name thing on these. I wasn’t sure that my first middle and last name would fit, but it worked out!

I was very happy with the way that they turned out and they were easy to go on the ipad as well. I had a few bubbles but nothing major. I was lucky because it was the mini i didn’t have to get a hole punch and punch out the part for the camera!  The only things I wished about these were that they covered the ENTIRE back of the ipad and that they would have been a little bit more dirt resistant. I got my first one grubby eating Doritos one night!|

My bonus items are just as special to me as the items that I got with my gift card!



My extra erin condren lifestyle planner  cover kind of matches my ipad stickers because it is striped and in the same color scheme as my ipad stickers! Warning in advance there are even MORE options in the extra cover category than there are in the original lifestyle planner section so get ready to be a bit indecisive! I went with just Karen-Nichole on this on it!


I love my Erin Condren T-Shirt as well. It was from back in October when they had the breast cancer awareness month! I love how soft it is, and of course all of the pink goodness!  It also fits really well 🙂

If you can’t tell I am VERY happy with these items and I am REALLY looking forward to using this planner in the new year with trying to launch my VA business, working on reviews and projects for BE and keeping up with paydays and all those various sorts of things!  I know that in the past I have been a bit bad about keeping up dates of things I get for review and when links expire and all that so it will be nice to be able to have it all clean cut and in front of me! I always do best when I have a planner and things written down so I am looking forward to spending 2014 with my Erin Condren goodies!


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    I love that planner! I really like to see the monthly view so I’d probably love it as much as you do. I wish you the best in all you’re doing in 2015. Happy New Year to you and your family!
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    Congrats girl! This is an awesome post. I have been debating about switching to Erin Condren…. but I’m just worried that it won’t live up to all the hype. But I do love how customize-able it is, and like you said, I like that it is about the size of a notebook. Maybe I will make the switch. Aww heck, you convinced me 😉
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