Review: Faery Kiss Naturals Soaps & More




A few months back I went to a blog meetup that had several vendors, including my mom- actually I made it a family event- David went to help my mom with using the square reader, and my dad went with us to be supportive of my mom!  I was busy with trying to help my mom and I was also the person handing out swag bags & name tags & signing people up for headshots, so I kind of had the catch 22 of getting to at least come into contact with pretty much every attendee, but I didn’t get to browse around or get to visit with the vendors!

I had been REALLY excited about one vendor in particular because she was a local gal named Theresa  and she wasn’t representing an actual direct sales company, kind of like my mom if you will. I had actually messaged her on facebook and told her how excited I was to meet her and see her goodies, so I felt REALLY bad when things got too busy and I didn’t get to stop by her booth.

My mom did get to meet with her, and kind of paved the way for me though so to speak! There were some things that went on at that event other than the fact that I didn’t get to meet her myself that made me a little hesitant to ask her if she would like to work on a review with me, but after talking to my mom about a few things she convinced me to try. (Vague- I know but I am not a part of that group anymore and I don’t want any drama on that front either- I wish them well- honestly it just wasn’t for me!) Anyways, I truly do hope that Theresa and I cross paths and get to meet in person sometime another!


About Theresa & Faery Kiss Naturals

I was VERY excited when Theresa offered me a whole package of  her goodies to review! She owns Faery Kiss Naturals which is VERY local to me in Gastonia, N.C. She makes homemade soaps, balms,lip butters and more! They are all made HOMEMADE with no shortcuts, and they are made with vegetable oils- no lard/animal fat OR Palm oils.

Theresa has a background in Skin Care (esthetician)and an an Associates in Applied Science, which is really handy considering all these awesome goodies that she comes up with to make!

Also- she is in 10 shops in north carolina and has been on the news and in the paper! I am all about natural stuff and local stuff- so when you put the two together YAY!Besides all that awesome stuff, she donates portions of her money to various charities, and as you know I have wrote about various things in the past and told you that if I can buy something that I need /want and it is going to have money donated to charity I am all in!

She let me pick what I wanted, and narrowing it down was HARD! I had a list about a mile long, but I got it narrowed down after some careful thinking 🙂



I picked 2 soaps – Bikin Bottom , Beeswax & Honey, 2 Lip Balms- Strawberry Fields & Herbal tea. She also included a Rosemary Eye Wand as well! This is hands down the best smelling package that I ever received in the mail!

Beeswax and Honey Soap:


First up, I picked the BeesWax & Honey Rustic Olive Oil Soap, because many of you might know of my mild obsession with BEES- I named my former blogging project BE- and our logos always included Bees. I also have a purse that has bees on it, and my apartment key has bees on it! My mom and dad actually have bees and we of course get our own honey from them! I have learned a ton about bees and they are VERY fascinating creatures. sometimes i seriously think about doing a BEE blog or at least making a section on them! I loved that it looked like a honey comb(the ends) and also that Theresa uses local honey in the soap too! I find the smell VERY comforting as well! It just made me feel cozy!


Bikini Bottom Soap


First of all I LOVE the name of this one, now I had originally picked another soap for my 2nd one but Theressa was sold out so we went with this one- believe me i was not disappointed in the least lol. Bikini Bottom Rustic Olive Oil Soap is a PRETTY SOAP. It actually looks like a beach! there is a yellow “sun” and blue “waves” and at the bottom- there is SAND.. which is actual SAND! How Freaking awesome is that?  You should def. click thru the link and look at it, because Theresa has it on her site in way more detail than I can capture!

I was actually in the need for this particular type of soap because of the defoliant factor of the sand. I do generally go tanning in the summer and you have to really keep your legs exfoliated and I generally find it a pain in the butt!  Now, I haven’t went tanning yet (omg- david bought my package on Feb 1—) but this soap is gonna be AWESOME for not having to do an extra step in my routine.. and just be able to keep it up every time i bathe!  I also know that this soap would be good for various folks in the family with rough heals and what not! So- not only is this soap PRETTY and FUNCTIONAL but it smells amazing. Honestly, Marley is picky about what she will smell and when I held it up to her to sniff she sniffed it FOREVER 🙂

 Lip Balms & Eye Wand


First up I picked the Strawberry Fields Organic lip butter balm because I have always been a “strawberry person” actually this is something that someone said one time a long back when I couldn’t decide on something and they said I was a strawberry girl.. So I have always just went with it 🙂 I actually have a giant strawberry shortcake doll on my bed!  I have also always had a mad obsession for lip balms /butters/glosses and that kind of thing as well. It is tinted red, but it doesn’t make your lips red and it smells YUMMY! I will also tell you that this lip balm- just like the other I received isn’t like your typical kind you grab at the store .. it actually just melts into your lips! It is a unique feeling for sure! I can’t wait to try it when my lips get really dry in the winter! It also has a natural sunscreen in it as well which is REALLY awesome for these horrid hot summer days we have right now!

Sticking in the Lip Balm Family, I decided to try Herbal Tea Organic Lip Butter  because I liked the name of it! This one is made with essential oils rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint– but not too much peppermint- and goodness knows I LOVE essential oils!. It seriously does remind you of a cup of yummy herbal tea! I seriously want to eat it every time I get it out. It is a very relaxing scent and it has all of the awesome perks of the strawberry fields- goes on and melts in, and all of that good stuff. I absolutely love it!

Last but not least of course.. is the Rosemary Eye Wand. Theresa being the awesome esthetician that she is has came up with her own blend for an eye serum! Of course hers is WAY cheaper than what you would buy at the store and made of all natural goodness too!  Every ingredient in it has a specific purpose- for example the rosemary is good for swelling and puffiness which is AWESOME for me because of my allergies and tenancy to get weepy sometimes 🙂 I also have been having some random other things that my eyes have been swelling from including a stye – oh ugh that thing was VILE- anyways I have been using this to help calm them when these things arise!

Summing It All Up!

In case you can’t tell by this book of a review, I am truly excited about these awesome goodies! I love the packaging and the name and the use of natural ingredients! I also love the fact that they are affordable and that she donates her money to lots of awesome charities!  You should seriously check her out on her blog:Faery Kiss her Etsy Faery Kissed Naturals and def. stop by and give her a “like” on her facebook where you can find her as Faery Kiss Naturals Soaps and Sundries!