[review] flip flop wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

don't die of shock. i actually did my own pic lol.

Wine. Summertime. Me. Ahh. Yes! This sounds familiar doesn’t it ??  I am Nichole. I like my wine!( even though I don’t like summertime) oh, and yes I like flip flops!

I got the chance to sample some more of the great flip flop wines again!! This time I got Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay! Two more wines that I hadn’t ever tried before! I was soooo excited!  I am making my way through all their great varieties which include

The Flip Flop Wines come in 7 varieties which include:


I never really know what to expect when I try new wines. I think I am predetermined to go into it thinking I probably won’t like it! I don’t know why I’m like that, but I am! It is really rare though for me to NOT like a wine. Also, I can’t say anything bad about these two either! They were awesomesauce!

The Flipflop Chardonnaywas the one that I thought that I wouldn’t like because the description pineapple and vanilla. I do NOT like pineapple all that great, but I do love vanilla. However the pineapple was very faint and when it was mixed with the vanilla it was pretty darn good! It also has these hints of oak..Which make it really interesting! I drank it with my BBQ chicken pizza dinner. I think it went well together!

The Flipflop Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite though. It was blackberries & wild cherries! I hooked it up with some sangria syrup that I had! I also paired it up with a big juicy new York strip steak! I was in heaven! This is a very dry wine, and it is best served warm which worked well for me, because I really don’t like to drink cold stuff (yes, I’m odd. We knew this lol) + I was actually out of ice when I decided to drink this one!

Remember another great thing about the flip flop wines is their mission: they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every bottle that is sold! They are partnered with soles4souls.org

This wine is high quality & affordable & tasty! (7 bucks for a decent sized bottle!)Like you all know I’m always drinking something, and if I’m gonna be drinking I might as well help out a great cause as well! I highly recommend that you check them out! I know we already have them at a few of my local stores!

I received 2 bottles of wine in exchange for my honest opinion!


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    The carbernet sounds delish! The last time I had some I paired it with chocolate covered strawberries.. sooo good. I’ll have to look out for this brand, I love the fact you can help someone in need by enjoying a few glasses of wine. Can’t go wrong there!

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    LOL flip flop wines sound so funny b/c flip flops are shoes but they probably did it on purpose. great view though, i’d definitely try some :O