Review: Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner


I met an awesome blogger last year at a tiny blogging meetup of gals named Stephanie who blogs at Gathered in the Kitchen, and I REALLY liked her. I had hoped we could connect more and recently we have both met up at another blogging event as well. I saw a few weeks back that she was looking for a few folks to to help her out with a review and I was more than happy to offer to help!

Stephanie is not only a blogger, but she also is a Shaklee Consultant and she was looking for some folks to review the Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner! I was pretty  interested  because of me and my asthma issues!

One of the things that can trigger an Asthma attack for me is  when there are harsh chemicals used to clean (even though some folks like David you just aren’t going to convince that it will clean if it isn’t overpowering with the smell factor!) so I was like SURE why not. She came by one Friday morning after she dropped her little girl off at school and I of course chatted her ear off 🙂


I had heard of Shaklee in a round about way before, but I hadn’t done much “investigating” to see what they offered /what they were all about!  I kind of knew that they had natural products, but as far as knowing any more than that I wasn’t really sure! I was really surprised at the range of things that they do offer like cleaner, vitamins, shakes, and more! I was really surprised at the variety of goodies that they offer!

Stephanie actually got started with Shaklee because one of her little fellows has Eczema, and she wanted a natural solution for his problems and not steroids and what not! She had success with changing his multivitamin, his lotion and adding a probiotic and 4 days later she had already had success! It is over a year later and he still has managed to stay eczema free! I find that AWESOME and I know that I prefer things to be as close to nature as they can be , when I can manage!

Stephanie is a wealth of information on all the different shaklee products and she has tons of valuable information and articles that she has written in relation to them on her site! Here are some links to a few of the ones she sent me:

The Danger of T0xic Cleaning Chemicals
Shaklee Scour off
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You can also follow along with Stephanie on social media of course:
Twitter: @gatheredkitchen

Shaklee Membership Program(many ways to get it free)

If you plan to buy Shaklee, an awesome thing they have when you buy pretty much any of their basic starter kits for cleaning, vitamins,etc  is that you can become a Shaklee member without paying the $19.95 joining fee! When you become a member , you get 15% off of everything you buy from them for life- there are no minimums and no requirements or anything like that.

Concentrated, Natural, and Awesome Value:

When Stephanie dropped off the goodies, she gave me two spray bottles and this little bitty pod of cleaner and I was like oh wow that little pod will make 2 bottles of cleaner?It was pretty shocking! There was actually enough cleaner in the little pod to make a bottle of all purpose cleaner AND a bottle of window cleaner! You can also choose to do a degreaser which I am going to give a try at some point in life!


I was BLOWN away seriously of how concentrated the Shaklee H2 Cleaner is, and how many bottles of your “regular” cleaner you would have to buy to equal the same amount. Also, when you factor in the cost of what it costs vs how much the “regular” ones would it is just- crazy! Here is an image that would show you what you would pay for a bottle of the Shaklee h2 Basic cleaner compared to something else

Basic H - a little goes a long way, buy now!

So you have natural goodness, helping out the environment in more ways than one, and saving money which are all things I like.. but how about the big question of “How did it work?”

Like I mentioned before I have asthma and this cleaner was AWESOME as far as not having an overpowering smell that sends me into a breathing frenzy so from the get go that was a plus! Of course now Minion Dav(the hubs) is one of those folks kind of like my mom and if it isn’t “taking your breath away” they aren’t going to be believers no mater what! It was fine with me though because I use it when I clean up random messes in the day and when David cleans I just sit out on the patio or open the door!  I first used it cleaning the counters and cleaning on the windows where Marley and Sam like to sit on the bench in our living room and look out the window and had favorable results!

Ways I have Used The Cleaner:

A couple of other random ways I have used it are: one morning Marley threw up and I didn’t have any shout and I do NOT know how to use the spotbot we have- at all.. so I sprayed it with the all purpose cleaner and wiped it up! it worked pretty well and I can’t even tell which part of the carpet that she threw up on now!

I also used it on a pair of capris and a shirt that I had that I had gotten grease from food on and had accidentally dried it in the dryer before checking! my mom told me if i had a stain devil it would probably take it out- I sprayed the all purpose cleaner on it and rewashed/redryed and it is pretty well faded- not totally but i think one more go of it and it would be totally gone! Either way it saved me one of my favorite outfits!

Lots & Lots of ways that the cleaner can be used:

The shaklee h2 basic cleaner can be used for so many different things there is NO way I can name them all. Stephanie actually sent me a book that has THOUSANDS of uses in it!  She was telling me it is safe enough to use as a fruit wash and she even uses it as bubble bath for her kids! Pretty much ANY thing you can think of to clean and/or use it for it can be used for! I can’t believe all the different things and ways!

Want to win a bottle of this awesome cleaner?

Stephanie is currently having an contest where you can win a full sized bottle of the Shaklee Basic h2 cleaner and it is REALLY simple to enter! You can click through this image to find out more information(find this image directly on pinterest) The contest will run until the end of june- so be sure to take advantage of it!

Pin It To Win It_ Basic HI know that I am interested in learning more about Shaklee in the future- Stephanie actually gave me a pack of the womens vitamins and tons of information about them as well as a vanilla shake that I am excited to try as well(if i can figure out what David did with my almond shelf milk that I should have!)  I also find it interesting that they have never had a recall, and they have TONS of quality tests and even tests on EVERY ingredient!  I look forward to learning more through Stephanie and perhaps getting a few full sized goodies sometime another in the future!