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The Item Below, Was sent to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion! All ideas thoughts and opinions below are honest and my own! Your Results May Vary!

I have to admit, kids today really have awesome options when it comes to toys. I also am a child at heart, so when I got the chance to receive a Scanimalz to review, I was like “Sure”. I mean, hey I sleep with a stuffed wolf  for goodness sakes 🙂 (Don’t tell anyone lol.)

What is a Scanimalz you ask? Well, they are these cute little plush animals that have QR codes on their bellies! I like the idea of having a material item, as well being able to use it with technology at the same time. There are 30 to choose from, and they appeal to both boys and girls. Even better? They aren’t outrageously expensive either, priced at just under $10! They are available in specialty toy shops and are set to be available at Toys “R” Us as well.

I received a limited edition scanimalz it is a purple/green stuffed bear! Even though in my opinion it is a pinky sort of purple and well you people know how crazy I am about pink and green and everything! Also it came in a really cute scanmy1display case type deal that you could possibly reuse in the future if you wanted to! (I am not sure if they will all be in this type of case or not, just wanted to throw it out there!)

The idea is simple enough: You download the scanimalz app (available for android and iphone) and then you are able to scan your animal and play games/ earn points, etc.  Something that is important to note is the code to unlock your scanimal is on the bottom of the toy, and you should be careful to not throw it away. Basically this is your activation code and it is important!

I am all about cute and interactive, so this toy is the perfect combination of these two elements and with the awesome price well how can you go wrong? It is a great way to let the kids get into technology and have fun and not have to be too horribly concerned with their safety online like you would have to be with them being on the computer and such.I think it is a win all the way around, and I look forward to have future fun with my scanimalz in the future. It really is a refreshing way to unplug and get off the computer, which is something I am sure you all I have noticed I am into heavily this summer!