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I have to say that when it comes to a computer mouse, I cannot stand laptop ones. They annoy me to no end. I always keep a regular one on hand…even though the one on the DV4 that I have doesn’t really get on my nerves all that bad.

I almost cut my middle finger off in an electric butter churn when I was 3 (I was “helping” my mom). So my finger can sometimes be VERY sensitive when using a touch pad, and sometimes it even hurts!

I recently got the chance from  Smartfish to review their Smartfish Ergomotion Laser Mouse. I was really excited from the get go because of the whole wireless factor, plus it just seemed like a great concept!

I am IN LOVE with this mouse! It was one of those love at first sight things. It is hands down the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of having my hands on! I mean if I could get away with writing you a one word review it would be “awesome” lol. I don’t think that’s what they were looking for though, so I’ll write you a little bit more of a detailed review!

Inside my box I found the mouse, a user guide and 2 AA batteries. I always LOVE when products include batteries, and when the user guide is actually detailed and informative,which I do feel that this one was. I love detailed pictures and common english instructions & information!

It was so very simple to set up. I honestly call it “so easy I think that my mom could even do it” You just open it up, slide in the 2 included AA batteries. You pop out the usb portion to plug into your computer from underneath the mouse..and plug it into your computer, slide the switch to On, and voila! That is all it takes! It is that simple you are up and running

This mouse is Ergomotion designed, which makes it even more nice. I know everyone has heard of getting carpal tunnel/or repetitive stress injuries related to being on the computer on a regular basis. The goal of this mouse is to help prevent these things from occurring.

The Smartfish Ergomotion Laser mouse sits up on this little platform, so to speak. It will rock, swivel, and even pivot with your movement, so that your wrist is never stationary/fixed position. It makes using your mouse a more natural experience for you as well as more healthy for you!

If you are looking for an awesome mouse that is good for you and will love you back, I suggetst that you check this one out. You will not regret it!

Ps: when you are through with your mouse don’t forget to turn it off 🙂

this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion


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    I really like the look if that mouse but I’m so used to using the pad on my laptop that using a mouse feels weird.

    Thank you, I would really appreciate that. 🙂

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    I never even knew that this kind of mouse existed – I honestly think I need something like this to help my wrist pain!