The Zone Diet: ZoneFast Weight Loss Program Review

I am a person that thought i’d never have to consider dieting. I am one of those gals that way 105 on a “bad” day. It was a long standing joke that if I ever got to 110 I’d be “fat” (remember it was just a joke!) And even then, I had this teeny tiny stomach ..I swore I had a “pudge” HA!

Little did I know after battling cervical cancer/ HPV and getting married..I would weigh at my highest 140lbs! I know that isn’t a lot don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I mind the number…I just don’t like that it is ALL in my stomach. Clothes that used to be “big” don’t fit anymore…especially shirts, they aren’t long enough, and you counter that with pants that are low rise.. hello wardrobe nightmare! I basically live in stretchy pants!

I am also a person who has always looked at diet as the word DIE with a cross behind it! I know that my parents did diets when I was younger, but the stuff they ate didn’t appeal to me, I’m allergic to a ton of stuff, then religious reasons I don’t eat some things, and then ..theres just things I don’t like! Plus I don’t really want to cut out salt and sugar totally like they did!

I recently got the chance to review the zone diet program called The ZoneFast Weight Loss Program, which is a 2 week plan. I was really excited to get to try it out, because of the mere selection and variety of food that you can eat on it! It is AMAZING! They sent bread,bagels and even cookies! And Pasta!! All the things that you do NOT associate with dieting.. they sent it!

These foods that you don’t normally associate with diets are specially baked with a process called “molecular baking” which removes the excess carbs out of your foods. It is replaced with protein, and this can help reduce your hunger.

Now you are probably like yeah, ok but how well do they taste? They probably taste like cardboard? They taste just like their “regular” counterparts.

The Zone Fast Weight Loss program also helps with burning your fat faster, controlling your hunger and reducing your cellular inflammation which realy helps with your weight loss.

You get 2 weeks of food shipped in 1 week interverals. Each day you have enough food for a breakfast, lunch, a snack and a dinner. Each shipment also includes a recipe book, a book about the diet , a sample menu (more recipes can be found online) and a box with your dietary supplements in it. They include omegarx and polyphenols which help support you on your journey with the program. It also helps with antioxidants!

I didn’t take advantage of it, but you also have access to a dietary coach!

There was only one thing that I got sent I couldn’t eat, and that was the peanut butter granola! (deathly allergic to peanuts, and david was happy to take it off my hands) I really enjoyed the recipe book that came with the diet…I got so many great ideas for recipes to use even when I am off the diet! It is mentioned on the last page of the diet guide, that the zone really isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.This program helps you learn to adapt these habits and ways of eating to use after you are off the “diet” part.

When you get your food it’s a good idea to put your brownies and breads in the fridge to keep them freash, and the rest of the goodies are perfectly fine to leave in a cabinet/ pantry!

Now,as far as the big question of did it work?.. on my own stupidity I didn’t weigh myself before I started this diet. I know, how dumb right? I figured though, hey weight is just a number, and if I can SEE the results..Why does it matter about the number? And you know what? I did notice that some of my old jeans that I once considered my fat jeans did fit a bit looser in the waist !! YAYY!! That was really all that mattered to me anyways! I am also a little bit more energetic and focused on things. It is amazing how much 2 weeks made! I am glad I hung on to a few of my old pants! J

I highly recommend that you check out this diet. I think that the variety of food and different aspects of learning to “eat properly” can help anyone out greatly, and in more ways than one!

I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion! all opinions stated above are mine. I was not required to write an positive review.