10/30-Sept @TheBEsociety Challenge- Events in my life time(freebie) #besociety #beseptchallenge


Alright ya’ll know I don’t put a whole lot of effort in for the most part when it comes to my blog challenge posts /regular posts. When it comes to a paid post or a post I have planned out related to something that is a totally different story.

For me, this is a really awesome topic and I love it but for me at the moment pre-writing these I honestly don’t have the kind of time it would require to properly do this post. Even if I was to wait and do this one on September 10th it wouldn’t work out for me because today is the day I am traveling back from TN! So far the September prompts haven’t been that friendly to me lol . I already had to skip 2 (if you count this one) and 3 of them were really depressing right in a row!

As always though I would love to visit your posts on this topic if you leave me a link I will come by and leave you some lovin’ Also, I hope you are having a great day /week as well 🙂

Hopefully the topics will be more kind for me from here on out! Sometimes I know it all depends on when I pick to do my writing but right now I am in a very writing mood so …go figure lol