12/31 @thebesociety Sept Challenge -what would help you right now #besociety #beseptchallenge


Well,what an open ended question this is! The best way I can think to format this is to make it like a list I suppose lol inspiration? more energy? a hobby other than blogging? lol more money/paid blogging work (I think this whole year I have done ONE paid post. ONE) and I spent all of my savings to help us during the move of course! ideas for meals for dinner? relaxation time time to be with extended family Those were just off the top of my head ... So I think I did pretty well. I guess you can always used something right?  I really wish I could find a hobby to occupy me other than blogging to help mix it up. Really the only thing I have that I used to do back in the day is reading- which is totally fine but I mean- something else to help mix up my life would be awesome. Might have to do that darn volunteering they keep nagging about at church lol   … [Read more...]

11/31 @thebesociety sept challenge-where were you? #besociety #beseptchallenge


Want daily inspiration for your blog? check out our monthly writing prompts at BE society! you don't have to be a member to link up! I was in 12th grade and as well as I can remember it started around the time we were at the end of first period switching classes to go to 2nd but some people were already talking about it depending on what class /who their teacher was because they had been watching T. V. in their class. I was in math so that def. wasn't us! I know we watched it on T.V. for the rest of the day but I don't know for sure that I saw anything "Live". With the way our class changes worked out, I am almost positive that I didn't!  We watched it pretty much all day on t.v at school and I don't really remember much else I know my mom was at the dentist when it happened, and I am almost positive that we got out of school a bit early that afternoon. I remember watching it all over the news pretty much 24/7 for weeks though.  I know that right around that time we had 2 deaths … [Read more...]

10/30-Sept @TheBEsociety Challenge- Events in my life time(freebie) #besociety #beseptchallenge


Alright ya'll know I don't put a whole lot of effort in for the most part when it comes to my blog challenge posts /regular posts. When it comes to a paid post or a post I have planned out related to something that is a totally different story. For me, this is a really awesome topic and I love it but for me at the moment pre-writing these I honestly don't have the kind of time it would require to properly do this post. Even if I was to wait and do this one on September 10th it wouldn't work out for me because today is the day I am traveling back from TN! So far the September prompts haven't been that friendly to me lol . I already had to skip 2 (if you count this one) and 3 of them were really depressing right in a row! As always though I would love to visit your posts on this topic if you leave me a link I will come by and leave you some lovin' Also, I hope you are having a great day /week as well :) Hopefully the topics will be more kind for me from here on out! Sometimes I … [Read more...]

9/30 @theBEsociety sept challenge -another country #besociety #beseptchallenge


Want blog inspiration delivered on a monthly level? Check out the BE Society Monthly Writing Challenge- You don't have to be a "Member" To join in! I am going to make this one one of those short answers that packs a huge punch   E V E R Y T H I N G I honestly have never had a desire to leave this country as far as moving somewhere else. I have thought of a few places that I wouldn't mind visiting but I don't really know. There are a lot of countries out there that aren't really accepting and friendly when it comes to americans. Also I am a picky of enough eater in my own country.. i really don't want to try to learn a new menu or even a new language lol. It would have to be a country close to the USA for me to even consider it!  Also I would miss my family and my home and my roots so.. I don't think I would be one that could move off to another land at all!   … [Read more...]

8/30 @thebesociety sept challenge -immortal #besociety #beseptchallenge


Want blog inspiration delivered on a monthly level? Check out the BE Society Monthly Writing Challenge- You don't have to be a "Member" To join in! This topic is just not one that I would consider "for me" so I am pretty much going to take today as a freebie! I truly hate taking total freebie days but sometimes the topics just don't have anything there for me to write - not often .. but every now and then. I hope everyone is having a lovely day and if you are playing along with us be sure to comment me a link to the post you wrote for today's topic and I will be sure to stop by and leave some love on your post sometime soon :) I promise if i could i would have at least made this one a short answered one and it would have still counted for me but.. it just didn't work that way for me! … [Read more...]

7/31 @thebesociety sept challenge-want to know when you are going to die? #besociety #beseptchallenge


Want blog inspiration delivered on a monthly level? Check out the BE Society Monthly Writing Challenge- You don't have to be a "Member" To join in! Oh Brother another Death/loosing everything topic. We gotta get off of this lol. No, I would NOT want to know when I was going to die especially down to the moment like that because I think it would totally mess with my whole existance. Sometimes there are some things that I don't think that it is meant for you to know that many details about and this would be one of them. In my opinion this would be one of those things that would totally alter your destiny because you would always have that one date and time in your mind. Also.. I think it would be creepy in the moments leading up to that day and time. Sure if it was far off in the future you would be pretty o.k. with it, but when it got close wouldn't that be kind of scary? So yeah.. def. not something I would want to know .. I wouldn't want to know it about Myself or anyone … [Read more...]