7/31 @thebesociety sept challenge-want to know when you are going to die? #besociety #beseptchallenge


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Oh Brother another Death/loosing everything topic. We gotta get off of this lol.

No, I would NOT want to know when I was going to die especially down to the moment like that because I think it would totally mess with my whole existance. Sometimes there are some things that I don’t think that it is meant for you to know that many details about and this would be one of them. In my opinion this would be one of those things that would totally alter your destiny because you would always have that one date and time in your mind.

Also.. I think it would be creepy in the moments leading up to that day and time. Sure if it was far off in the future you would be pretty o.k. with it, but when it got close wouldn’t that be kind of scary?

So yeah.. def. not something I would want to know .. I wouldn’t want to know it about Myself or anyone that I care about! Too Ooky for me!