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I was in 12th grade and as well as I can remember it started around the time we were at the end of first period switching classes to go to 2nd but some people were already talking about it depending on what class /who their teacher was because they had been watching T. V. in their class. I was in math so that def. wasn’t us! I know we watched it on T.V. for the rest of the day but I don’t know for sure that I saw anything “Live”. With the way our class changes worked out, I am almost positive that I didn’t!  We watched it pretty much all day on t.v at school and I don’t really remember much else

I know my mom was at the dentist when it happened, and I am almost positive that we got out of school a bit early that afternoon. I remember watching it all over the news pretty much 24/7 for weeks though.  I know that right around that time we had 2 deaths at my school as well so a lot of things blur together around that time (In a months time we had my friend nicole die, september 11th a girl in my english class had a seizure and my friend travis died!)

Needless to say August-September of that year was not a good time 🙁


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    That must have been a very difficult time for you 🙁 I really didn’t understand what was going on at the time, only that all the adults were not themselves. Even when we were told what had happened I still didn’t get it. I understood that a couple of buildings had been hit by planes, and that there were bad people targeting the United States for some reason… but it was all still too big for me to comprehend at the time.
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