12/31 @thebesociety Sept Challenge -what would help you right now #besociety #beseptchallenge


Well,what an open ended question this is! The best way I can think to format this is to make it like a list I suppose lol


more energy?

a hobby other than blogging? lol

more money/paid blogging work (I think this whole year I have done ONE paid post. ONE) and I spent all of my savings to help us during the move of course!

ideas for meals for dinner?

relaxation time

time to be with extended family

Those were just off the top of my head … So I think I did pretty well. I guess you can always used something right?  I really wish I could find a hobby to occupy me other than blogging to help mix it up. Really the only thing I have that I used to do back in the day is reading- which is totally fine but I mean- something else to help mix up my life would be awesome. Might have to do that darn volunteering they keep nagging about at church lol