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There are so many things that I would like to know more about that there simply isn’t enough time sometimes I don’t believe- don’t get me into one of those posts about how much time i know that I waste just refreshing my browser and that kind of thing when I could be doing something else. Honestly though there isn’t one thing in particular that comes to mind that would be something I would like to know more about other than- oh this is so predictable and boring I promise you’ll be like could she not have just skipped this one?

BLOG DESIGN- HTML- THEMES.. I can’t code to save my life. well.. o.k. I can do a few general things no doubt but as far as coding up my own layout and all that kind of thing … not happening 🙁 I wish I had someone that could just sit down with me and help me out. I can’t really do good with that kind of thing teaching myself so I don’t really even know where to begin when it comes right down to it. I have always been lucky to always have people that can help me out with these sorts of things!  Maybe sometime and somewhere along the way I will find someone that can help me learn. I am kind of doubtful though because I don’t learn those sorts of things easily .. I prefer the writing and adding pics and letting someone else do the rest but.. that is me 🙂