3/30- Sept @theBESociety challenge- your country #besociety #beseptchallenge


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It is to early in the month for me to take a free day isn’t it ? lol. I don’t really know what to say on this one though! I live in the USA but as far as getting really into why it is or isn’t that great and keeping it light and not taking it to somewhere political where about 99% of my liberal friends won’t agree with what I am saying I don’t really have much to say lol.  I am not an overly political person to start with but I do tend to lean way over to the right and most of what I think is wrong with this country leans over to the left!

I guess I can say it is nice to have free speech and all of that good stuff because a lot of countries don’t have that luxury. Other than that I am taking this one as a semi-freebie post 🙂



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    I tend to be pretty conservative in my political views, but in all honesty I try to stay out of politics completely. It seems like the only good they do is to pit people against one another and start arguments. But I do love that we have free speech. I could not imagine living in a country that does not allow it’s citizens to speak freely.
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