4/31 @thebesociety September Challenge- Treasures #besociety #beseptchallenge


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This is one of those ones that if you have known me/ been reading the blog very long you probably already know what I am going to say for the answer

I treasure most in the world above anything:David/ My Family/Fur Babes and my Loyal Friends(Mostly online- I don’t really have too many offline- yes I am anti social in the real world lol)

Of course David and the Fur babes- I would be a pretty lonely gal with out those for sure. David first got me Shadow back in the day because he knew I would be lonely when he wasn’t around and was working and what not.  Even though there are some things about David that drive me mad (throws everything away even if it is important- obsessive compulsive cleaner- just to name a few) he has really been there for me through lots of things like my CC/HPV -the “Drama” and just every day. If you had to put up with me in the real world most of the time you probably wouldn’t make it lol. Sam and Marley are awesome and they help me pass a lot of time sometimes just being silly and what not.

My Family mostly refers to my mom and dad and some of my moms family- mostly my grandma. I always say if it wasn’t for my mom and dad and grandma there are lots of things we wouldn’t have made it through and I’ll leave it at that. Plus my mom takes me places and watches Marley for me when I need her too. Oh, and my grandma is awesome to talk to for long periods of time when I don’t have anyone else 🙂

My TRUE friends and minions. I am talking about those who have stuck with me through lots of online drama BS .. .those who truly know how I am and the way my heart is. I do have a few newer folks in this category but some of you all have been through “it all” right beside me and I appreciate it. Those who call me, those who message me .. you know  who you are.

So yeah.. forget material things… my true treasures are REAL live breathing things 🙂